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Blackjack Professional Series Standard

Blackjack Professional Series Standard
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Blackjack Professional Series Standard

Blackjack Professional Series Standard is a NetEnt 3-hand blackjack casino gambling game. You can look forward to a smooth gameplay with a crisp 3D animation and graphics. The music score has a jazzy tune that is really soothing and calming as you play. In addition to the visual and audio effects of this game, NetEnt also introduced a Double Jack bonus feature to spice up the gameplay. There is a re-bet feature while the game speed is also flexible and adjustable. Read on to learn more about this blackjack game.

Blackjack Professional Series Standard Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, with Blackjack Professional Series Standard bets can be played on 3-hands. First of all, a minimum bet of £1 is allowed in this game while the players can also place a maximum bet of £200. In this blackjack game players will be allowed to split a hand only one time. In addition, players are allowed to double their bets once they have seen their first couple of cards. Players will also have just a single opportunity to have their hand completed. Once a split is done, doubling is possible by players except if Aces are split.

The Double Jack Side Bet

Players can place the Double Jack side bet of Blackjack Professional Series Standard before the dealer deals the cards and even after the placing of a standard blackjack bet. Wins are achieved in the Double Jack bet when both cards are Jacks or the first card dealt during a standard blackjack hand is a Jack. Players will earn a 10x stake multiplier if their first card is a Jack. On the other hand, if both cards are Jacks players will receive a 25x stake multiplier. However, if players have a couple of Jacks of Spades they will earn a 100x stake multiplier.

The Low And High Roller Options Of Blackjack Professional Series Standard

You should know that in Blackjack Professional Series Standard the Double Jack bonus feature has a maximum bet that is similar to the standard bet. So with £200, you can place a maximum bet when playing the Double Jack bonus feature. Furthermore, this blackjack comes with two options for players. You have the Low Roller option for low-risk players and the High Roller option for high-risk players. In the Low Roller option, the minimum bet is 10p while the maximum bet is £5. However, for the High Roller option plays can place a minimum bet of £25 or a maximum bet of £500. It is possible that at the end of the day players can have bets as much as £3,000 placed on the blackjack table.

To Sum Up

Blackjack Professional Series Standard is a fun blackjack game with flexible betting options. The Double Jack side bet also adds to the gameplay and gives players something extra to look forward to. This blackjack is certainly worth a trial today.

Game Details:

Minimum Bet: £1

Maximum Bet: £200

Bonus: Double Jack side bet

Gaming Option: High and Low Roller

Min. Bet High Roller: £25

Max. Bet High Roller: £500

Min. Bet Low Roller: £5

Max. Bet Low Roller: £25

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 05/01/2019

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