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Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack
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Classic Blackjack

The Classic version of your favourite Table Casino Game

Classic Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games and has a thrilling luck factor involved. It is an exciting table game that has amazing features and the gameplay will only make you smarter. You need both skill and luck to get you through this game. It is a game often known as 21 and the main aim is to beat the dealer by getting a total 21 or number closest to 21.

Indulge yourself in this table game at Vegas Mobile Casino and explore the prizes that you could win in this game. The cards with King, Queen or Jack on it are given a value of 10; Ace holds 11 values or 1 according to the player’s choice; the rest of the card's value is dependent on their face value. It is not a game against the other players; it is played against the dealer.

Get Your Skills Brushed To Play Classic Blackjack

First, select the size of bet; Second, Activate the round by clicking on the deal button; third, the house will give 2 cards to each of its players; fourth, take your time and decide what step to take next; Hit if you want more card; stand if you want to stick with the cards in your hand; double if you want to double the size of your bet; and split if you wish to split your original hand into two.

You win if you get a clear Blackjack that is a total of 21, or a total of less than 21 but more than the dealers or if have totalled less than 21 when the dealer goes bust. Remember these terminologies and what they mean to play Classic Blackjack with ease. There is also a chart which gives you guidelines on how to use play this table game wisely.

Get Ready For The Excitement And Thrill That This Table Game Has For You

Prepare yourself for a journey that will mess with your luck and skill and end up leaving you addicted that you would come back often to play. If your luck is by your side, this table game will sure reward you with hefty wins. It will bring alive the feel of a live Casino while you sit in the comfort of your sofa.

There are no fast and hard rules to guide you through this game, what determines your win is purely luck and blackjack skills. Make sure you get your hands on this Classic Blackjack game at Vegas Mobile Casino; you can first try the demo version to know the details of what goes into this game.

Details of Classic Blackjack

  • One standard deck of 52 cards
  • Dealer must stand on hard 17 or more
  • Cards have to shuffle after every round
  • Automatic Win is Blackjack, if you and the dealer get 21 total points then you both win and it is a “push”.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 03/12/2015

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