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Live Blackjack A

Live Blackjack A
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Live Blackjack A

All Blackjack lovers can now engage in this highly entertaining Blackjack variant from the studios of Evolution Gaming. Live Blackjack A is perfect for players looking for a live multiplayer table game. Played with eight decks of cards, the game has a seven-seat table and follows the Vegas rules.

Features and Betting Limits of Live Blackjack A

Players can bet anywhere between 1 and 5000 based on the low or high limit table chosen for gaming. All the dealers assisting the game are professionally trained. You can select a table hosted by any dealer depending on the language you are comfortable with and availability of the game at your chosen casino. Languages here include English, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.

This game is playable from all major devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets. Optimised for smaller devices, you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience from anywhere anytime. The mobile game has a little different interface enabling a clear view of betting options and playing cards.

Live Blackjack A: the interface

The game design facilitates dealer-player interaction through the live chat which can also be turned off if desired. The video quality can be adjusted with the settings marked as low, medium and HD or use the auto mode to automatically adjust to the Internet speed. You can use the behind bet feature to check on how the software reacts when a player in the front splits or doubles.

The in-game features

Once you begin playing, you’ll find the options displayed on the screen which include pre-decision, deal now, side bets, bet behind, perfect pairs, 21+3 and Insurance options.

  • With the pre-decision feature, you can choose to hit, stand, double or split. It’s ideal for fast-paced game players.
  • The deal now feature allows you to start the game immediately after the last hand has finished, especially when you are alone at the table.
  • the hot player feature is unique to Evolution Gaming’s Live Blackjack suite where you will find a symbol on the screen displaying names of players being wished luck along with stats of how many hands they’ve won since the previous loss. This is useful for players who wish to bet behind as they can determine behind who they could bet.
  • The side bets can be seen on the table and you can bet on those for extra wins.
  • If you like betting behind use the bet behind feature on Live Blackjack A. Choosing to bet behind hot players could be quite rewarding!
  • The 21+3 side bet allows betting on whether the first two cards will turn out to be a pair or otherwise.
  • Use the Insurance option when your dealer holds an A for an up-card to insure your bet against the dealer having a Blackjack.

Concluding thoughts

A popular live-dealer Blackjack variant, Live Blackjack A comes with plenty of extras and option to variably viewable features. The player pro game enables players to choose between betting high or low depending on experience and bankroll.

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Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 24/10/2018

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