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Blog Posted on 12/04/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

4 Intriguing Facts about Mobile Roulette Games!

Roulette is a celebrated casino game. It might have captured your attention in a lot of movies but have you really played one? Players have developed many myths regarding normal and mobile Roulette games, but facts deny those myths. You would agree, once you check the facts given below.

Get Used To the Following Facts of Mobile Roulette Games

Firstly, Roulette wheels are not identical. Many gamblers think that all the Roulette wheels are cut out of the same logic. After all, it’s all about numbers and colours. We barely notice the variations. If you had to believe some manufacturers of this amazing wheel, you will know that no two wheels are the same. American Roulette for instance has two zero slots and European Roulette have only one.

Secondly, no due numbers do not exist in this game. A lot of gamblers believe that they can win in land-based and mobile Roulette games by identifying the due numbers. A due number is also called cold number, which has not been hit in long time. While you would love to create such a logic of due numbers to make the guess on your next lucky bet, you will be disheartened to know that it does not work. Roulette is absolutely random and all numbers have equal probability.

Third interesting fact is about the player’s mindset. It’s hypothetical to think “I’m on a winning streak”. You will win and lose, whether you are playing mobile Roulette games or any other casino game. Thinking, I’m on a winning streak can take you towards a big loss. Never think so because in the end you will play larger bets and any upcoming loss can put you in danger of losing a larger amount.

Lastly, beating the house edge is not possible. Try to be a winner by playing smart and fair. Also, be realistic and leave the table when the time is right. Planning of beating the house edge will be detrimental to your interests.

Nowadays, technology savvy players have moved to mobile Roulette games and these games can’t be fixed. So don’t believe myths, know the facts and practice well. That is the only way you can win! There are many popular myths about Roulette you should be aware of and stay away

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