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Blog Posted on 20/07/2021 | Author: Karen Macarthur

7 Amazing Facts About Craps Game That Are Sure To Stimulate You!


Craps, the most popular dice game globally, can be played at almost every online casino or land-based casino. Craps is a game of pure luck that players love because it has a low house edge and can be won even by complete beginners if they are lucky enough. We share seven unusual and interesting facts about the craps game.

1. You can create 36 combinations by rolling a pair of six-sided dice.

Craps game can be played using fair six-sided dice. These sides display the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Two dice are rolled, and the individual totals of each can be combined to produce 11 final totals — 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

These figures are so apparent that many novice craps players believe each roll has 11 possible combinations. With 11 possible results, a pair of six-sided dice could use 36 combinations to reach that total.  Each dice represents a separate entity, and Die A and die B are combined to make final totals.

2. Seven is the most likely total; 12 and 2 are the  least probable

This fact is made abundantly clear by the pyramid that’s been constructed directly above. We’ll keep this entry brief. The most likely number of people to appear on a roll is 7. Six unique combinations have a 16.67% chance.

3. The Odds are the Best Bet on the Board

Casino gamblers are not able to place bets that have no house edge every day. Some card counters may be able to get in on rare occasions, but it is not shared. Video poker variants can approach the null house edge, but craps game players have the rare chance to win on nearly every roll.

Players can place additional wagers on the Odds after taking the Pass Line (or Don’t Pass Line) and once a point figure has been established. Pass Line bettors can “take the Odds,” a wager of up to 5x in most houses. They hope to see the point number land again before the 7.

If they win, the Odds Bet is paid according to the actual odds probability (2.5 to 1 for point numbers 4, 10, and 9, 3 to 2 points 5 and 9, and 6 to 5, for points 6 through 8). This true odds payout creates a null house advantage of 0.00%, making Odds one the most profitable bets on any casino floor.


4. To manage craps tables correctly, it takes four people

The casino’s center of activity is usually Craps game tables. There are many people gathered around them, playing or just enjoying the show. Craps game tables have a unique feature: they require more dealers to manage them. This is why you will find fewer craps tables in a casino than in other table games.

There are usually four employees at a casino who work around a craps table. The box person keeps track of each roll and monitors chips being passed around. Two dealers place wagers and push chips around. Finally, there is the stickman, who hands out the dice and manages proposition bets at the center of a table.

5. The longest ever craps dice roll lasted more than 4 hours

You might be wrong if you think it is impossible. You can beat the odds of rolling a pair 154 times consecutively at the craps game table.

After enjoying a night out at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and spa with a friend, Demauro decided to try her luck at the craps table. After four hours and 18 minutes later, the dice were still flying. She had become immune to “evening in” during that time.

After she had rolled every possible combination, except seven, the exhausted grandma caused quite an uproar. Demauro, who finally gave in to the crowd, admitted to a woman next to her that she didn’t know how to play the game.

6. Scary number seven

Another fantastic fact about the craps game is how many superstitions are associated with it. For example, you can throw a penny under the table or get a lady to roll the dice to bring luck. This is probably more than any other casino games.

Stranger still, many of these bizarre beliefs are related to the number seven, which is both the most loved and most feared number in the game. Many players won’t name the number seven, preferring to refer to it as “it” or even “the devil” during play.

Statistics show a greater chance that a seven-card roll will occur than any other outcome in the craps game. People believe seven-card rolls will happen more often when more players bet on the don’t pass line or when more players are called “wrong.” This means that they will lose if a seven is rolled in the come-out rolls.

7. Holy crap! Record money won in the game

Craps game, like all casino games, has its stars. After a successful night of playing dice, you can become a craps player.

Archie Karas is a legendary gambler. He managed to make a fortune of $17 million and then turn it into an impressive $40 million in a matter of months. This was after he started betting on craps games in the mid-1990s. Sometimes, he would bet as high as 100 grand per roll. In 1980, William Lee Bergstrom placed $777,000 on the don’t pass line. He won!


Craps is essentially a game where you wager on the fate of the dice. This unusual blackjack is a fun game of rolling dice, which is a more strategic and mechanically-oriented table game, and always manages to be fun.

Although you might get cold here and there, watching the red cubes tumble and fall to reveal their unexpected results inspires anticipation that is unmatched by other forms of action.

It’s easy to see why craps are one of the most popular ways to have fun at the casino.

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