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Blog Posted on 15/07/2022 | Author: Karen Macarthur

A Beginner’s Guide to Play Online Bingo

It’s true that at least once in their life everyone has enjoyed one or two rounds of bingo at some point. If you are one of them, then you must know that bingo has been an inevitable part of the formation of the gambling industry across the world. Thanks to the online gambling industry, you can now play bingo online using real money from the comfort of your home. 

Bingo games are available all over the world and based on their demand and popularity, many variations have been derived over time. As we know the invention of technology has brought plenty of positive changes to the gambling industry. It allowed our all-time favourite bingo to become much more creative and fun. Let’s have a closer look at the basic things you must know before playing bingo online.

How to play bingo online?

Most of the variations of bingo are available on online platforms. So before you begin to play bingo, you need to find the right online casino for you. It will make your gaming much more enjoyable and fun-filled. Then you need to make a big decision on whether you are going to play bingo for real money or just for fun.

Playing bingo games is one of the easiest ways to get rid of your boredom. You can play bingo online for free or to win rewards, it’s up to you. Another major concern is, whether you want to play with a live dealer or with the computer software. If you do find a live casino that offers live caller games because most of the casinos are not offering such privileges.

The majority of bingo admirers chose to play live dealer games as it resembles the real bingo hall experience. Along with this, there are plenty of other factors to consider before playing bingo online. Among them, the top concern is your security and privacy. So, look for an online bingo provider which will offer you security and privacy.

Play bingo online: Banking options

Most online bingo providers are very generous when it comes to banking options. So you must consider such things before opting for your game provided. The more banking options, the better, always remember this. The payment methods and options could be a primary concern when you step into the online bingo world.

Banking options can vary from one casino to another. Always opt for online bingo providers with multiple payment options. It will help you to have a hassle-free online bingo experience. As you know nowadays, the world is behind digital currency, so it’s good to look for an online casino that accepts cryptocurrency payments. Don’t worry, as there are a lot of online bingo providers who will accept popular cryptocurrencies as payment.

Play Bingo Online: Bonuses and rewards

Everyone likes freebies that aren’t a secret. If you have a thing for bonuses, you must look for casinos that offer many bonuses similar to online blackjack and online roulette games. Even Though bonuses are purely a marketing tool, you don’t have to resist them because it’s an advantage for you. Promotional bonuses are undoubtedly a great way to boost your online bingo online.

Most of the online bingo bonuses can be availed after making a deposit. Meanwhile, some of them are tied up with your banking options. Also, if you are lucky, you will find a casino that offers bonuses without any deposits. But it’s always advised to read the terms and conditions before starting.

How to find the perfect bingo variant for you?

Let me tell you, my friend, it’s not as hard as it sounds. If you put in a little effort and time, it will be an easy task. All you need to do is play free versions of bingo from multiple providers. This will allow you to get familiar with different variants. Hence, you will be able to choose the best variation for you. After making your decision, you can play it by involving your bankroll without getting nervous.

Even though bingo game followers have a universal set of rules, it can be slightly varied for different bingo versions. So, you must choose a variant with the rules you can easily understand. It will help you to have a wholesome experience playing bingo online.

Different variation of online bingo

As said earlier, there are different variations of online bingo. If you are wondering which they are, let us shed some light on that area:

75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo, also known as the traditional American- style, is a popular variant of bingo you will find in mobile casinos. Just as the name suggests, this variant of bingo uses a sum of 75 balls. Each player uses a 5×5 bingo card with 25 boxes with numbers marked between 1-75.

To succeed in American bingo, you need to get five squares in a row. This can be diagonal, horizontal, or vertical in shape. The first player who gets this called “Bingo” wins the game. If you are interested in playing this version, you can find it easily online.

90 Ball Bingo

90-ball bingo is yet another most popular variation which hails from the UK. There is not much difference in the general rules, but there are a few internal changes. Instead of 75 balls, this variant is played with 90 balls. Also, the bingo sheet is 9×3 with different winning combinations. The UK variant is also called “Housie” in some regions. You can easily find 90-ball bingo in most of the reputed online casinos.

Shutter Bingo or 80 Ball

If you get tired of playing the American and UK version of bingo, you can start looking for the 80-ball bingo. It is also known as the shutter bingo. It’s a money-based variation that is found easily in online casinos. This variation was designed for online gaming.

The shutter bingo is played using a bingo card of a 4×4 grid with horizontal, diagonal, and vertical success combinations. Also, if you manage to make an “X” pattern, consider yourself a winner.

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