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Blog Posted on 15/01/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Bingo on Mobile is Kicking up a Storm

Bingo has moved on from the traditional 90 ball and 80 ball variant, to the exciting themed mobile Bingo that has piqued our interests. Hitting a higher notch with its exhilarating game themes, it is the big and fast gameplay that’s drawing the bingo players in droves.

The future of bingo on mobile is bright to say the least. Responding to the players need for something new, the operators have picked up the pace in providing the mobile version of the games. With the single click they can experience the real bingo feel from anywhere and anytime.

Using creativity and innovation; they have come up with different version of Mobile Bingo like Speed Bingo, 80 Ball (Mini Bingo), Texas Bingo, Pattern Bingo, Coverall/Blackout Bingo and many others which you can enjoy.

A Long Road Ahead for Bingo on Mobile

While this future looks good, there are a couple of kinks to be smoothed out for Bingo on mobile. If the operators want Bingo to keep pace with the rest of the casino games, and continue to bring in the mobile players, there is a sense of urgency required.
For the bingo operators to literally stay in the game, they must improvise and stack up their gameplay against the equally exciting slots or table games. The one aspect which they must work on is the compatibility of the mobile devices.

The question is, how the operators are going to use the increased presence of the mobile devices for casino gaming? The jump from the desktop to the mobile platform has taken a long time; but it’s worth the wait. The operators are going to great lengths to ensure that the gaming experience is similar to that of the real world Bingo.

Bingo on mobile has opened up to a whole new set of players. Unlike the other games like Poker and Online Blackjack, which has you playing against skilled players; you don’t need prior experience to play Bingo. The plethora of mobile devices and tablets has made it quite essential for them to make all their games mobile optimised and compatible. That’s what makes it the ultimate social game.

There is one another issue which the mobile Bingo must work around, if they want to remain in the game (pun intended). Like their land based counterparts, the Bingo on mobile are scheduled games. For the mobile player looking for instant gratification, this is quite unacceptable. Plus, all the game providers and operators have reached a plateau where innovation is concerned. They are all offering the same gameplay with the same rules.

Keeping unscheduled Bingo games will certainly get the mobile players playing anywhere and at anytime. It bodes well for them if they resolve this matter and make this more playable on the social platform.

Gaining Ground across the Rest of the World

At present, ruling the Bingo world are players from UK and US. The limited access to mobile gambling from the US has made the game providers look towards the untapped European market. Quite naturally the emergence of the bingo on mobile has propelled the players to play the games from anywhere and anytime.

You would be surprised by the changing demographics of the Bingo players. It is no longer limited to the old women looking for a Sunday entertainment. It’s the younger lot who are jumping on the bandwagon to play the mobile Bingo. The accessibility and availability of the portable devices, has delinked the players from the old Bingo gaming halls. There is this large untapped playing ground, waiting for the game providers to explore and conquer.

On the whole, Bingo on mobile is going to stay for a whole lot longer than expected. Wait for the number to pop up on the screen and mark a full house to shout BINGO and see the way mobile Bingo ruling the casino universe!

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