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Blog Posted on 13/07/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Blackjack Tips to win!

Of all the casino games, Blackjack is the one, which holds the top place among the avid card player. This is one game, which can significantly lower the casino house edge. All it takes is skill, concentration and loads of practice to get it right.

It is the thrill of beating the casino at its own house that adds to its popularity. Get A, K, Q, J and 10 to land the Natural Blackjack. Your objective should be to get the card total of 21 without going over it, and at the same time beat the Dealer’s card total.

You can move up from being a good player to becoming an excellent player; if you follow the Blackjack tips. Although most of them are pretty simple and uses common sense; putting them into words will give it more value. These are just tips and will not make you win every time.

Easy Blackjack Tips to win

The best way to win in Blackjack is to first understand the terms and glossary of Blackjack. If you are accustomed with them, then you will be able to understand the rules of the game more accurately.

Along with this basic and first tip, we have a list of the other tips that will get the Blackjack wins rolling in.

Understand the game rule – Before playing, it is always a good plan to know the game rules.

Nevertheless the basic rule is to beat the Dealer without going over the total 21; every variation of the Blackjack has some minor changes. When to hit, stand, double down or surrender is what which will give you the advantage over the online casino.

Mastering Blackjack Strategy – This is a table which lists out the possible strategies and outcomes which you can apply to your gameplay. For a novice player, it is the first step towards mastering Blackjack. You can always refer to it, make the best choice on what to do with your cards. You play your cards based on the Dealer’s face value cards. You can significantly reduce the house edge to around 1%.

Play the Free games – All the online and mobile casinos have a free demo version of the Blackjack game. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The more you play; you’ll get better with the game. Once you’re confident with the game rule, game plan and payouts, you can play with real money.

Splitting of Cards – Always split pair of A’s and 8’s. A pair of 8’s equals 16. You might have to stand on most cases as per the basic strategy, thus reducing your winning chances. It is not a good idea to split a pair of face value cards (10, J, Q and K) which equals to 20.

Hit on a soft 17 – Take the extra card when you hit on a soft 17 (The player has two starting cards which contains an Ace).

Stand on a hard 17 – Don’t take the extra card, when you have a hard 17 (The player has two starting cards that don’t contain an Ace).

Avoid taking Insurance – Although it might seem like a good idea, it is not encouraged. If the dealer has an ace as his starting card, it increases his possibility of getting a Blackjack. You can make a side bet which equals to half the original bet amount. If the dealer has a Blackjack, then you will get the 2:1 insurance payout.

Surrender – The player gives up half of his bet, to end the game for this round. Sometimes taking the right Blackjack decisions while playing Blackjack online at the right time enhances your chances of winning.

Keep your emotions under check – Play with common sense and never let your emotions rule over you. Remember that Blackjack is just a game, and you cannot always win.

Play within your limit – Always keep an eye on your bankroll. Never gamble with more money than you can afford to lose.

All these tips can help you, make your Blackjack gaming experience a profitable and exciting one. One thing which will always help you is practice and more practice. Only with experience, mastery and a little bit of luck; will you move towards being a professional Blackjack player.

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