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Blog Posted on 05/01/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Bubble Craze Slots: A Fusion of Arcade and Slot Games

If you are the kind of person who likes to stick to conventions and believe an arcade game should be an arcade game and a slot game must be a slot game, then the Bubble Craze slots from IGT might not be a game you will enjoy. But if you are ready for a little stray from conventions and a mix of game genres, then this game is a must play!

Bubble Craze slots is quite different from the conventional slot games which are arranged into rows, columns and reels. Clicking the “spin button” here does not spin anything at all! In this game, the game objective is to get matching combinations of the same colour bubbles in groups of three or more. Every time you click on the spin button, a new row of bubbles are added from below, and matching bubbles are eliminated. This is quite similar to arcade themes and that is one of the most special things about this slot game! It is meant for arcade lovers and slot lovers alike!

Bubbly Features of Bubble Craze Slots

Bubble Craze slots has a completely different layout from other slot games and as a result the features too are a little bit different from regular slots. In this game you essentially have a wild, scatter and multiplier, but they are designed so differently that you would never recognize them.

The regular bubbles in the game are Yellow, Blue, Brown, Orange, Red, Purple and Green and your primary objective is getting groups of three of the same colour bubbles. Getting groups of 4 or more gives you higher wins up to 10 times your bet amount.

The other bubbles that can actually get your stakes boosted are:

Multiplier bubbles: These bubbles can wade its way into your combination and give you a boosted multiplier rate of up to 5 times your stake amount

Transforming bubbles: These are similar to wild symbols in slot games. The transform bubble transforms all bubbles surrounding it into its own colour and give you a group of up to 5 same colour bubbles. If you are lucky enough, the transform bubble alone has the theoretical capability of multiplying your bet amount up to 10,000 times!

Free spin bonus bubbles: These bubbles trigger the free spin bonus in the Bubble Craze slots. Getting at least 3 bubbles which are multicoloured in the centre gets you 5 free spins. The best part is that you get a chance of winning more free spin bonuses while using these free spins!


Bubble Craze slots is one of those games which is meant for people who are looking to try their hands at something new, without exactly stepping out of their comfort zone. Though the game might sound quite different from what slot players are used to, it still has a payout percentage of 94% which is better than some slot games even! The best thing about this game is that it is a slot game in disguise of an arcade game (or the other way around!) that can entertain the slot gaming and arcade gaming populations, giving them a taste of what the other genre is all about!

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