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Blog Posted on 16/05/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Types of Call in Bets in Online French Roulette

Roulette has a history of over 300 years. It was first devised in the 16th century by a French Mathematician ‘Blaise Pascal’. This age old game has transformed into various versions and variants. Since the birth of online casinos, this game has grown with its popularity. You can play online French Roulette at Vegas Mobile Casino. Before you dive in, know more.

The ‘Call in Bets’ of Online French Roulette Debunked

Types of Call in Bets in Online French Roulette

  • Zero Game Call In Bet

This is popularly known as the ‘five piece’ betting where you can use four chips of same or different values to play. The numbers in this bet are standard and they are 0, 3, 12, 15, 32, 35 and 26. This bet is available on standard online French Roulette. Now you might be wondering how four chip is sufficient for betting on seven different numbers. It is easy, 0-3, 12-15 and 32-35 share same lines. So you will place the chip on lines between these numbers and one chip straight on number 26.

  • Les Orphelins

This bet in online French Roulette is located in the area on bet table between zero game and neighbours of zero. There are eight specific numbers where you can place your chips. The numbers are 31, 34, 17, 20, 14, 6, 9 and 1. A chip is placed straight on the number 1 and for the remaining on the lines that the numbers share. This betting has a better probability of winning.

  • Neighbours of Zero

This is played on a single zero Roulette table and covers 17 individual numbers that you can bet on. All these are neighbouring numbers of zero and the bet includes zero as well. So eight numbers on the either side of zero make it 16 plus the zero. So 17 number betting is offered in this call in a bet. You will be placing chips on splits, corners and trio that cover numbers from 22 to 25 on the wheel. This again gives you the better winning probability.

  • The Third

This is the last of the call in bets in online French Roulette where you can place the chips on 12 numbers. The numbers are located on the wheel between 27 and 33. This requires a total of six chips and covers tier betting on splits. The lines you can bet are between 10-11, 5-8, 13-16, 33-36, 27-30 and 23-24. So just six different splits that make your betting easy and so does the winning from it.

Practice to Perfect it

Once you are aware of these call in bets, there is no stopping you from winning more when you play online French Roulette. You can’t expect to understand these strategies in one go. The more you bet using them, the better you will get at it. Try now at Vegas Mobile Casino!

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