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Blog Posted on 29/11/2022 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Here’s What It’s Like to Be a Casino Pit Boss


While many people may not know, casino pit bosses are an important element of any casino’s staff. From supervising multiple table games to acting as an escalation point, pit bosses have several duties to perform on the casino floor. Continue reading as we dive deep into the day-to-day lives of casino pit bosses and what it takes to become one.

What is a casino pit boss?

Back in the day, a pit boss was a manager or one of the managers at a gambling venue. But with time, the role of casino pit bosses has changed dramatically. Below we’ve listed the responsibilities of a casino pit boss:

  • Keep a watch on multiple table games like Blackjack and the land-based version of online Roulette.
  • Observe what’s happening on a casino table, including the chips transacted and whether players adhere to the rules.
  • Act as an intermediary if a dealer has unhappy players.
  • Ensure the dealers take an adequate break and change tables when required to avoid burnout.
  • Identify players that are counting cards or doing something that’s not permitted by the casino.

Work schedule of a casino pit boss

Just like the other casino staff, most pit bosses work on a full-time basis. But as you’d guess, they need to be flexible during working hours. At the top gambling meccas and some other locations, casino gambling venues are open 24/7. So, pit bosses may have to work the first, second and third shifts.

Many gambling venues are usually full during weekends and the holiday season. As such, pit bosses work on holidays and weekends. It’s worth noting that most pit bosses work during evening shifts, as this is the preferred time for most people to visit a gambling venue.

Pit bosses and their responsibility for money

As mentioned earlier, pit bosses have the task of supervising the transactions that take place at different casino tables. Given the amount of money at stake, a few moments of inattention can prove detrimental to the venue. So, being fair, attentive and responsible are some crucial abilities that pit bosses need to have, no matter whether it’s land-based gambling venues or mobile casinos.

Besides monitoring casino tables, casino pit bosses also have the task of keeping track of players who’ve been wagering significant amounts for an extended time. They do so to offer comp points and other rewards to players who’ve been loyal to the casino venue. Depending on the level of play, the loyal players can receive perks like free drinks, hotel rooms and plane tickets etc.

What does it take to be a pit boss?

Unlike other careers, one doesn’t need a specific degree to work as a casino pit boss. However, many casino gambling platforms have some prerequisites for anyone who wants to become a pit boss. First, it’s expected for the pit boss to know the rules of all table games, as they’ll be supervising several table games daily. Then prior working experience as a dealer or a pit boss is preferred at the biggest casinos and other reputed gambling venues.

A pit boss is expected to have exceptional managerial skills and needs to pay attention to detail. Then they should have the ability to deal with all types of clients and must be able to resolve disputes (if they occur). Furthermore, some casinos expect their pit bosses to have some former education like a high school diploma or a GED. What’s more, the best gambling venues may require their recruits to undergo some additional training programs before being able to work as pit bosses on the casino floor.

Pay scale for casino pit boss

Owing to the additional responsibilities that casino pit bosses have, their wages are somewhat higher than other casino staff. While the actual pay differs from one gambling venue to another, casino pit bosses in the UK make between £27,000 and £46,000 per year. Unlike a casino dealer, pit bosses can seldom accept tips. To compensate for that, casinos tend to offer bonuses and other rewards to their pit bosses. But with the allowance to accept tips, the dealers at the top land-based and online casinos may earn more than the pit bosses at these venues. Nevertheless, the average pay for a casino pit boss in the UK is £33,500.

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