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Blog Posted on 05/05/2023 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Classic Online Slots: Basics, Working and Features Explained


Slot games are the go-to choice for hundreds of thousands of casino players worldwide. Some of the major reasons for slots’ widespread popularity are their exciting nature and the fact that online players can seamlessly access them on the go.

Today, online casino platforms offer a wide variety of casino titles, ranging from progressive jackpots to classic online slots. In this article, we offer a comprehensive overview of classic online slots. We cover the basics, gameplay features and other aspects of classic slot games. Continue reading!

Basics and Working of Classic Online Slots

Also referred to as one-arm bandits, classic slots have always been one of the most popular slot types in the history of slots. First introduced in the late 19th century, classic slot machines have undergone several transformations and can now be found in almost every online and mobile casino. Also, players now have the option to choose from a vast selection of classic online slot titles.

Just like multiplayer slots and other slot games, classic online slots make use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) system to generate random results. So, when playing classic slots with top online casinos like ours, you can rest assured the gaming action is always fair and secure.

You start the classic slot gameplay action by loading your favourite classic slot game. Then you adjust your stake amount using the betting grid on your screen. If needed, you can go through the slot paytable to know more about the slot payline and payouts. Finally, you press the “Spin” button to start the reels spinning action. Any winnings made here will be paid according to the slot paytable.

Gameplay Features in Classic Online Slots

Below we take a look at some of the major features of classic online slots.

Number of Reels and Paylines

If you’ve been playing online or mobile slots for a while, you’d be knowing that classic slots usually feature only three reels. For players who don’t know, slot reels are the vertical sections on the grid that turn whenever you start the reels spinning action. As you’d guess, fewer reels equate to lesser potential winning combinations (paylines).

Back in the day, classic slot machines usually featured just a single payline. But technological advances have made it possible for slot developers to offer classic slots that come with two, five or even ten paylines. Also, you’ll find classic slots featuring paylines that run in a horizontal or vertical manner.

Wagering Options

As an online slot player, it’s important for you to note that the number of wagering options in classic slots is limited in comparison to their multi-payline counterparts. Just like other online slots, classic slot games allow players to choose from different coin values.

The wagering limits in classic online slots usually fall between the range of £0.01 and £100. But again, this may vary from one online slot title to another. You can easily check the wagering limits by going through the paytable of your chosen classic slot game.

Bonus Rewards

We mentioned earlier that the number of wagering options and other slot features in classic slot games is limited. But that doesn’t mean classic online slots don’t have any special features. In fact, you’ll find many classic online slots featuring special slot symbols such as wilds. As a refresher, slot wilds are special icons that have the potential to replace any basic symbol. That way, players have the chance to form increased winning combs during the slots spinning action.

In addition, a small number of classic online slots feature bonus rewards. These bonus features are usually triggered if you manage to land the required bonus symbols on slots reels. What’s more, some classic slots are equipped with additional in-game bonus rewards.

Advantages of Playing Classic Online Slots

Below we’ve detailed some of the top benefits of playing classic online slot games:

  • Great for online slot players who prefer simplistic gameplay.
  • Wide range of coin denominations makes classic slots accessible to all types of players.
  • Relatively higher RTP than other slot games.
  • Additional features such as multipliers, re-spins and more.
  • Some classic online slots also feature progressive jackpots.


Classic slots are a great way to enjoy slots online. They come with a simplistic design and offer endless entertainment to slot players. With us, you have the option to choose from dozens of exciting online slot titles. Give classic online slots a try today!

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