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Blog Posted on 10/02/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

A Complete Guide on Video Poker Online

Poker is one of those games which everyone has heard or played once in their life. If you haven’t got a chance to play Poker till now, Vegas Mobile Casino gives you a chance to enjoy Video Poker online to the fullest. But, how to go about it? Read on to know more.

A Complete Guide on Video Poker Online at Vegas Mobile Casino

What is Video Poker Online?

Video Poker online is very much like the real game of five-card Poker. Purely based on luck, Poker requires a little bit of practice and some calculations too. In spite of the high risk involved, Poker still remains one of the most popular casino games of all time. There are basically four types of Poker games that can be enjoyed online. They are:

  1. Jacks or Better

The best form of poker for beginners who are willing to risk some cash, this game is the most basic one. Paying out only on minimal hands, it 5 coin bet pays a maximum of 4,000 coins. There are several strategies to win at Jacks or Better.

  1. Joker’s Wild

A little more challenging than Jacks or Better, the twist comes in when the Joker is taken up for its face value. Though the joker is mostly taken in with a matching value of other cards on hold, it can bring in a lot of twists in a game.

  1. Deuces Wild

This form of Poker is declared as the most exciting video Poker online game ever. Though its gameplay is similar to that of Joker’s Wild, the only difference lies here is that the deuces or two’s can substitute for jokers.

  1. King of the Decks

This one is the most complicated form of Poker. But the truth be told, a game becomes more exciting if it is a complicated one. Here, the grand hand is when there are 5 king clubs in hand.

How to Play Video Poker Online?

High in risk, yet easy to play, both of these factors make Poker a popular casino game. A player is given five cards to play with. Then, the player must decide what cards they need to hold or discard. The decision to hold or discard is completely on the player, as only they can decide how and with which cards they want to win the game. To hold the cards, click on the chosen ones and select hold. To continue the game, click on Draw and the discarded cards will be replaced with new ones from the deck.

Get over the Myth that the House always Wins

Though it might be seen that the House wins most of the time, but that is not because it has some advantage over the players. It is simply because the players do not apply strategies and do calculative moves. With right strategies in hand and ample of luck, anyone can win easily in a game of Poker over the house.

Go Ahead And Enjoy Video Poker Online!

Practice and great strategies are the keys to winning a game of Poker. If you have it in you to take risks and still enjoy a good game, then this is definitely meant for you!

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