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Blog Posted on 15/12/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Your Comprehensive Guide to 3 Card Poker

Your Comprehensive Guide to 3 Card Poker

A new variant of Poker is gradually reaching the most important online casinos, and it is called Three-card Poker, a new casino Poker game, more exciting and faster than what we were used to.

But what makes this new game more thrilling and enticing? Here is everything you need to know about Three-card Poker:

New Game: 3 Card Poker

The Three-card Poker game is a new variant of live casino Poker that is becoming very popular with Poker fans, given its appeal and speed, this variant of Poker tries to beat the dealer with every combination of cards that are distributed, being able to bet and withdraw or bet and double our bet if we believe we can beat the dealer and his hand.

This new game has similarities with the well-known Caribbean Poker, but its most important peculiarity is playing with Three-cards instead of 5, which means that its rules are modified to adapt to this new style of play that you can find on your mobile casinos.

Typically, Three-card Poker is available at most online Poker rooms. If your room does not have it, you can find it on other platforms such as Botemania or Juganding. Although it may not seem like it, these websites tend to have a good range of games in general, although people do not know them precisely for their Poker games. 

3 Card Poker Rules

The rules of 3 card Poker could not be simpler, especially when compared to Online Blackjack. Your game consists of beating the dealer in each combination you want to play, so the sequence of play would be:

  • The player places his bet (of the amount of the table he has selected) in order to receive cards and start playing.
  • The player receives Three-cards face down, and the dealer receives another three, then decides if he wants to play his hand, or thinks it is too bad and decides to fold.
  • If you decide to fold, you lose the main bet and must bet again to receive Three-cards again in a new game.
  • If he decides to play, the player makes a new bet by wagering twice his initial bet, with this step, his hand plays as opposed to that of the dealer.
  • Both reveal their cards and the winner is known.

The sequence, as we can see, is very simple, but you have to know the specific rules of the game to know if your hand is the winner, there is a draw, it is a loser, or simply there is no game.

How to beat the bank

How to beat the bank

Three-card Poker is a casino game that can be played for real money like Online Roulette and others, the most important purpose of the game is to beat the bank with our plays and thus, make money with it. So, the most important thing is to know the specific rules of when we are going to beat the bank with our play.

When you make the second bet to play your hand, both hands are uncovered and compared, for the bank hand to play, at least one of the Three-cards of the bank has to be a queen or higher or has to have some type of value play, as a pair, straight, etc., so that your play counts, with which:

  • You play your hand with a play and the dealer has only low cards, no queen or better and no play—you win, but they double the initial bet, and they return the bet to play.
  • You play your hand and the dealer has a queen card or higher and no additional play – you win, they double the initial bet, and they double the bet to play.
  • You play your hand with a move and the bank has a move – they are compared and if your play is higher than that of the bank – You win, they double the initial bet, and they double the bet to play.
  • You play your hand with a move and the bank has a move—they are compared, and your play is lower than that of the bank – You lose the initial bet and the bet to play.
  • You play your hand with a move and the bank has a move – They are compared, and your move is the same as the bank – Draw, they return the initial bet and the bet to play.

Plays Ranking

In 3 card Poker, you must know its ranking of plays to know how to get the valid plays to win against the bank, from best to worst play, they are stipulated as follows:

  • Royal Flush – Three-cards of the same suit and that make a straight to Ace High.
  • Straight Flush – Three-cards in a sequence of the same suit.
  • Three of a Kind – 3 cards ranked the same. 
  • Flush – Three-cards of the same suit. 
  • Straight – 3 cards in sequence of different suits.
  • Pair – Two cards of the same rank. 

The additional bonus to the game

The mechanics of winning or losing in 3 card Poker is very simple, and it may seem somewhat monotonous with payouts of double the amount bet, but nothing is further from the truth, the game has a series of additional bonuses to make it more interesting, where the best plays will be awarded additional bonuses to your bets, multipliers to your bets depending on the hand you manage to play and win.

The bonuses are:

Straight Flush – Pay 5 x 1

Threesome – Pay 4 x 1

Ladder – payment 1 x 1

There is another type of bet, called Pair or more, this type of bet is made before the cards are dealt, if you play that you win with a pair or better, your victory will be paid with an improved table.


The experience will always be a degree in all games, which does not mean that we don’t have to improve day by day in our game, consult, review and study all the material about Three-card Poker that falls into your hands to reach the perfection as a gamer, be it books, articles or videos. Who knows what the future of online casinos has in stock; however, we’re looking forward to more enticing games.

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