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Blog Posted on 08/03/2022 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Exploring Side Bets In Blackjack

Operators and game providers increase the number of bet options to give players more reasons to play blackjack. Blackjack side bets are available, enhanced margins and a more engaging layout. Blackjack’s side bets are usually smaller than standard bets and often only a few bucks.

However, they can provide lucrative payouts that are often larger than even-money online blackjack payouts. We will be looking at the mechanics of these blackjack side bets in this guide, and we will also explore side bets to see if they are worth your attention.

Are Blackjack side bets worth it?

Blackjack players have the option of placing side bets. The beauty of this bet is that it requires very little money to play and has higher payouts than regular even-money bets. Blackjack side bets offer additional entertainment and challenge in casinos online.

These wagers can offer lucrative payouts in addition to the standard bet. The payout schedule for each game will determine the house edge, which can vary. You won’t be able to leave the blackjack table with less money. Side bets should not be placed at high-house edge casinos. You can also benefit from learning the basics of Blackjack Rules.

What are Blackjack Side Bets, and how do they work?

You can choose to stand, double, or hit in the standard card-comparing game. This depends on how you feel about the cards. You can also play-side bets in many online blackjack variations.

It’s an additional wager submitted at the start of each round, along with the main bet. Side bets are usually not included in the blackjack strategy. There are many side bets that you can make, with 21+3, Perfect Pairs and Insurance being the most popular. It would be best if you placed the side wager in the same area as the main wager.


Blackjack side bets are the players’ protection from the dealer’s blackjack. This bet will be offered if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. This side bet is available to players playing at an online casino, and it usually appears on a pop-up screen once the dealer has dealt their card. This side bet is designed to give players the chance to get a payout regardless of their card values.


This side bet is based on the outcome of your first two cards and the up-card from the dealer. This additional wager is made based on whether these cards form a Straight, Flush or Straight Flush. The 21+3 side wager is similar to insurance and offers you more chances to succeed. These bets have varying odds, so make sure to review the payout schedule before placing real money bets.

Suited Trips

The blackjack side bet on this is the 21+3 wager. The 21+3 wager involves the player’s initial two cards and the upcard from the dealer, and it becomes the suited trip if the three cards are of the same suit, such as Three Queen of Diamonds. The odds could vary.

Straight Flush

The poker-inspired straight flush is another popular blackjack side bet. This is a set of three numerically arranged cards and has identical suits. This blackjack side bet is won if three cards are numerical and feature identical suits. The bet will also be won if you collect 2 of hearts, 3 of hearts, or four hearts. The standard payout for straight flushes is 40:1.

Three of a Kind

Another variation of blackjack side bets involves the player’s two cards and the dealer’s up-card. This wager is where you bet that the three cards on the screen will have the same rank. If the screen displays three cards with 6s or jacks on it, you will have your side bet. This bet has a payout of 30:1 in many online casinos.


This side bet is made with three cards, as the name implies. The three cards in play are the player’s two cards and the dealers’ up card. If the screen shows 4, 5, and 2, you will get the straight side wager. This side bet does not consider colors or suits, only the numbers. This side bet has a payout of 10:1, which is the second-lowest.


You will have the option to place a bet for a flush when you play blackjack online. The flush bet is similar to poker, and it involves three cards from the same suit. For example, a King, 10 or 6 of diamonds.

This blackjack side bet can also be won if both the dealer’s up-cards and the players’ cards show a Queen, 9 or 5 with hearts. This blackjack side bet has the lowest odds at 5:1.

Super Sevens

The super sevens are similar to the side bets mentioned earlier on this page. They refer to the first two cards dealt by the player and the dealer’s highest card. It’s all about sevens, as the name suggests.

Perfect Pairs

You can also submit perfect pairs when playing blackjack side bets. This side bet is where you wager that the cards you receive are perfect pairs, i.e., colored, mixed or unique. You are specifically betting that matching numbers and colors will pay. Each of the three options in this bet has specific odds, so make sure to check first the payout schedule at your favorite online casino.


This blackjack side bet extends the perfect pair’s side wager in online blackjack. You are betting on the outcome of the two first cards the player dealt with you being a pair. If you can collect two cards of the same color or different suits, you will get the colored side wager. You can get the colored side wager if you have ten hearts or ten diamonds.


Blackjack side bets can give you more entertainment. This will ultimately cost you more money as blackjack side bets can increase the house advantage, which means you are likely to lose.

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