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Blog Posted on 21/04/2023 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Everything You Need to Know About Fantasy Football


It goes without saying that fantasy sports have experienced a phenomenal rise in the past decade. These days, sports fans have the option to create virtual teams for a variety of sports. They include football, cricket, hockey, basketball and more.

In this article, we delve deep into the basics and the working of fantasy football. Also, we explain to you the ways in which fantasy football teams can score and lose points. Continue reading!

What exactly is fantasy football?

Fantasy football is a virtual football game that puts players in the role of a fantasy football manager. When playing fantasy football, you get to create your own team of players from the top football players who compete in real-world competitions. These players score points for your side based on their performance in real-world matches.

When playing fantasy football, you’ll usually need to create a team of 11 players or a full squad of 15 players. Your selected team will represent you every week of the competition.

How fantasy football points are scored?

The point scoring system is different for different fantasy football games. As such, it’s important for you to check how your selected fantasy football game allows your side to score points. Usually, your selected players score points in one of the following ways:

Playing matches

– This one is simple to understand. If a given player is playing for his real-life team, then he’ll get you some points for your fantasy side. It’s worth noting that a player will usually need to start the game to get those points.

Scoring points

– This one is again self-explanatory. The more goals a player scores for his real-life team, the more points he’ll get you for your fantasy side.

Keeping clean sheets

– Your fantasy side will gain points from games where real-life players prevent their opponents from scoring. Note that this way of scoring may only be available for the defenders and the goalkeeper in your fantasy squad.

Earning assists

– Another way in which your fantasy squad may earn points is when a pass made by a real-life player results in a goal. Earning assists isn’t a default scoring method and is available in only a few fantasy titles.

Playing well

– Good or exceptional performances delivered by real-life players can earn points for your fantasy side. So, if a player or team earns the Man of the Match title or wins one of the major football trophies, your fantasy team could gain some extra points.

Can fantasy teams lose points?

Yes, they can. Below we’ve listed the ways in which real-life players can lose points for your fantasy squad:

Conceding goals

– Conceding goals can have a negative impact on the real-life football team. And this is the case with fantasy teams as well. Conceding a goal will typically result in your fantasy squad losing a point. As with clean sheets, this usually applies to defenders and goalkeepers in your fantasy squad.

Getting booked –

If a real-life player gets a yellow or red card, it could result in your fantasy team losing points. Remember that this isn’t a standard rule and may not apply to every fantasy football game.

How can I pick my fantasy team?

When playing a fantasy football game, you’ll be assigned a predefined budget to spend on your fantasy squad. As a beginner, this budget amount may seem quite generous. But some players in the fantasy squad can be quite expensive, resulting in quick consumption of your bankroll amount. So, just like when you bet on football, it’s often recommended to properly plan out things before picking your fantasy squad.

Is it possible to change my lineup after selecting it?

Many fantasy football games come with a transfer allocation. In simple terms, transfer allocation dictates the number of times you can make changes to your lineup during a given season. Again, the rate of transfer allocation varies from one fantasy football game to another. Also, some fantasy football games come with transfer windows, meaning players can only make changes during set periods of time.

As a sports betting fan, it’s important to check the transfer rules beforehand. By knowing the number of available transfers and the transfer window restrictions, you can have a more entertaining and enjoyable fantasy football experience.

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