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Blog Posted on 23/12/2022 | Author: Karen Macarthur

All You Need to Know About the Four Major Football Trophies


With an estimated 3.5 billion worldwide fans, football is arguably the most popular sport in the world. Owing to its widespread reach, numerous football tournaments keep happening now and then. But some football competitions tend to be more popular than others, all thanks to the involvement of world-class teams, superstar players, and huge prizes. In this article, we offer insight into the characteristics of the major football trophies awarded to the winners of the top football competitions.

The Premiership Trophy

Founded 30 years ago in 1992, Premier League is the top tier of the men’s English football league system. Operating on a system of promotion and relegation with the English Football League (EFL), the competition starts with 20 clubs competing for the coveted Premier League trophy.

Owing to the likes of clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester City, it’s no wonder that the Premier League is one of the most-watched football events in the world. Also, the tournament is highly popular among online sports bettors and attracts some of the best sports betting odds.

The Premiership Trophy is the ultimate prize offered to the final winner of a Premier League season. Interestingly, Premier League uses two identical trophies – one of which is given to the winners and the other for the League to use.

Designed by London’s iconic luxury brand Asprey, the theme of the trophy is based on the “Three Lions of English Football.” And it’s made up of two main parts – a golden crown and a malachite base. The trophy’s base, which weighs around 15.9 kg, features a silver band with the name of the champions engraved on it.

The Champions League Trophy

Introduced in 1955, the UEFA Champions League is a prestigious football competition that sees some of the world’s best football clubs competing for the title of the European champion. The competition sees 32 teams going through a round-robin group stage, with the best two sides competing in a single leg-final.

Each Champions League starts in late June with a preliminary round and runs until late May of the following year. The UEFA Champions League is one of the most elite global football competitions, so it’s no wonder one can find several different sports betting markets available for this event.

Speaking about the Champions League trophy stands 74cm tall, weighs 7.5 kg, and is made of sterling silver. Originally designed by Jürg Stadelmann in 1967, the current Champions League trophy is the fifth version of the initial design. Interestingly, unlike other tournament trophies that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, the scrap value of the Champions League trophy is estimated to be around £5000.

The FA Cup Trophy

First played in 1871, the FA Cup is one of the oldest worldwide football competitions. The FA cup is open to all clubs down to level 9 in the top pyramid. While level 10 clubs are also allowed to participate in the FA Cup, they act as stand-ins. The competition starts in August and goes on as a knockout tournament comprising twelve random rounds. The initial rounds are followed by a semi-final and a final, which are great options if you want to bet on football.

The FA Cup tournament winners are awarded the FA Cup trophy, which has gone through numerous physical forms since the start of the tournament. The first version of the FA Cup trophy, also called the ‘little tin idol,’ was used for the first 20 years before it was stolen in 1895. The latest FA Cup trophy, made from 925 sterling silver and 61.5 centimeters tall, was unveiled in 2014 when Arsenal became the FA Cup champions for the 11th time.

The World Cup Trophy

The FIFA World Cup commonly referred to as the World Cup, is the most popular football competition in the world. The tournament sees the world’s top clubs competing for the World Champions title every four years. Also, it attracts billions of viewers from across the globe, making it a highly lucrative option for both European and American football betting fans.

As for the World Cup trophy, it’s officially described as ‘solid’ gold. It stands 36.5 cm tall and is made of 6 kg 18-carat gold. While the gold used to make the World Cup trophy is worth around £131,800, the trophy is valued at over £20 million. This makes it the most expensive trophy in the sporting world.


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