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Blog Posted on 27/05/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Wondering How To Play Mobile Casino Slots?

It is the era of mobile casino slots, and if you have played even once, you will know that as easy as it looks, winning in slots is not everyone’s piece of cake! Not that the way your luck is heading to can be changed, but there are some things you can always keep in mind while playing mobile casino slots to have better chances at winning and incurring minimal losses.

How Exactly Mobile Casino Slots is Played?

Slots are a great source of entertainment for the gamblers. They are much less on the level of anxiety than other casino games like Roulette and Blackjack, where the stakes are high. Slots can be enjoyed with very less money on stake. But who wants to lose all of it? Something has to come back, right? And what can be better than winning on slots!

Always Set A Budget And Time

We all have budgets when it comes to betting on mobile casino slots. But how much time is spent is also considered? If you do not do that already, start doing it now! For instance, if you are to play with £100 in the entire day, you cannot go about betting £10 for a spin! Calculate the average amount per spin and then place your bets. Though this goes in contradiction with the fact that the higher you bet, the better you win. But it is also true that the more you play the better return you get.

Know the Difference between Progressive and Non-Progressive Slots

It is not unknown that Progressive slots cost more than non-progressive ones. In all Progressive slots, you are required to wager a higher amount in order to even qualify for the million-worth jackpot. Whereas, in non-progressive slots there is no such thing.

 Wondering how to play mobile casino slots?

Do Not Get Fooled By RTP

RTP or Return to Player rate is a percentage that gives you a fair idea about what the slot can give you back. But do you know that the RTP is calculated on samples? And also that the 90+ RTP is not true for one single play. Only if you play the same slot for say about hundred times, and then only you will get the stated RTP.

Select the Slot Depending Upon Your Choice of Game Variance

A game’s variance speaks a lot about a slot. So, if you are going for a low-volatility slot, it means you are opting for small and frequent wins. If you are opting for a high-volatility slot, then you might not get frequent wins, but whenever you win, it will be huge. Choose whether small and frequent wins will keep you happy or few and big ones?

Mobile casino slots, in the end, are all about luck! If you are aiming for the jackpot, then you also must have that kind of budget and patience to get to it. There are losses and wins when it comes to gambling on slots, but the entertainment factor is so high, that you almost forget about the money!

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