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Blog Posted on 22/09/2021 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Interesting Facts To Know About Craps Game

Interesting Facts To Know About Craps Game

Craps game is a dice game where participants wager on the results of two dice. In addition, players can place bets against one another or the house. 

The player rolls the dice and, based on the outcome, gets the cash on the floor!

  • The table is managed by four people

The craps table is often portrayed as a focus for play and casino movies. Whether they play or just enjoy the show, a dozen or more people will usually come together at any craps table on a Friday or Saturday night. This requires more staff at the casino and more dealers to keep things smooth, which is why not so many craps tables, like blackjack tables, are on the pit. That’s why Crap games are found low in number in land casinos.

  • 1.56 billion to one odds

Every gambler is accustomed to making a “longshot” craps wager now and then. Every day, unpredictable things occur. Statistics are more prevalent than most people think, but this one takes the cake.

Anyone who has ever been frustrated by throwing the dice over and over and seemingly hitting a 7 every time would not believe this, but one New Jersey granny set the record that is never broken. She made 154 consecutive throws with a pair of dice. Yes, 1.56 trillion to 1 are the chances.

  • History

While no one can say for sure whether the tradition is true, it is supposed that Roman soldiers were the first to play the game back when chariot racing and gladiator battles were the main forms of entertainment. They utilized pig knucklebones as dice and their war shields as tables.

Craps could have originated in ancient Arabia, according to another idea. Craps is thought to have originated from an Arabic game known as Al Dar, which translates to “dice.” Around the year 1150, traders are claimed to have introduced the game to Europe.

According to one of the most popular beliefs/theories, Sir William of Tyre developed the craps game in or around 1125.

Due to the absence of required tools (basically only dice), it became known as ” street craps”—something that could be played in very informal situations. The name “craps” is supposed to be derived from the French word “crapaud,” which means “toad.”

  • 36 usable different dice combinations

The Craps game, as we know, requires two six-sided dice. When both dice are rolled simultaneously, 11 possible ending totals, ranging from 2 to 12. While there are only 11 potential endings, there are 36 ways to get there!

However, suffice it to note that all the numbers can be acquired in a variety of ways.

Interesting Facts To Know About Craps Game

Come out roll match 

If you are a newbie and are playing a craps game for the first time, you should know that all craps games begin with something called a “come out roll.” When a player makes a come-out roll wager, he or she has two options: don’t pass or pass. 

Restricted strategy: 

 In general, casino games that enable players to use the most strategy offer an outstanding return to a layered number when compared to games where the strategy does not affect the outcome of the game. Some craps game players believe that they may use dice control to increase the return-to-player, or RTP, figures.


The Cromwell is a popular destination for top-tier craps players looking to play high-stakes games.

The world’s best craps game players frequently visit The Cromwell, a world-class casino located on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada that frequently conducts high-stakes craps tournaments. This allows professional players to get thousands of dollars in prize money.

Mel Cortez and Main Street Station are two more Las Vegas casinos that attract talented craps game players.

Mention in literature

Craps game gained popularity after the famed author Geoffrey Chaucer described the game in his finest work, “The Canterbury Tales”.


Crap game’s most widespread superstitions are

  • When one or both dice bounce off the table during a roll, it brings ill luck. It’s not a major problem, but it’s thought that the person who rolled will have bad luck with the following throw.
  • There are hot and cold dice, just as there are hot and sleeping numbers. Some players feel that a couple of tosses will help the dice warm up. Because the dice are still chilly, these players generally sit out the first few rounds.
  • If the dice land in your hands, it brings ill luck to everyone: When the dice collide with someone’s hand on the table, the roll is void too.


Archie Karas, the legendary gambler, is credited with turning a $17 million fortune into a staggering $40 million over a few months in the mid-1990s by risking as much as a hundred thousand dollars on a single throw of the dice.

In 1980, William Lee Bergstrom bet $777,000 on the don’t pass line and won!

If you’ve ever looked closely at a craps dice, you’ll realize that it’s transparent. This allows the box person to determine if dice have been manipulated with or smuggled into the casino.


Craps game is all about betting on the vagaries of fate. Unlike online blackjack or roulette, which is a more mechanically strategic table game, rolling dice is always entertaining. One might have a chilly run now and again, but seeing the red cubes fall and tumble to disclose their unpredictable results will always instill a sense of anticipation that no other kind of game activity can match.

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