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Blog Posted on 07/06/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Mobile Blackjack Insurance – How Does It Work?

Insurance is something you always need in your regular life to have a backup in case of bad times, and for that you have life insurance, travel insurance, and so on. But have you ever wondered what Mobile Blackjack Insurance is? It is not something that will save you from losing in Online Blackjack, but only covers a portion of it. Do not expect it to fill up your bank account for the amount lost!

What is Mobile Blackjack Insurance?

Mobile Blackjack Insurance is nothing but insurance bet. This is available to use only after initial two cards have been dealt by you, and the dealer has an ace. This is the time you have to pick whether you will go for insurance or not, that is, before you decide what your next move will be, you need to select the option to choose or not choose the insurance. The odds of winning with insurance are 2:1, and a winning scenario is when the second card of the dealer is a 10 or any picture card, giving him a Blackjack. But, if the second card is any other one, you lose the bet.

Now, there are six possibilities when you use mobile Blackjack insurance.

    1. No one has a blackjack, and dealer wins the hand.

You end up losing the initial stake as well as insurance bet.

    1. No one has a blackjack, and you win the hand.

You win from the initial stake, but lose the insurance bet.

    1. No one has a blackjack, and the hand is a tie.

You lose the insurance bet and the stake is returned.

    1. Both you and the dealer have blackjacks.

You win the insurance bet, but the initial stake is returned.

    1. You have the blackjack, and not the dealer.

You win from the initial stake, but lose the insurance bet.

    1. Dealer has the blackjack, and you don’t.

You win the insurance bet, but of course lose the initial stake.

As it can be clearly seen in the above mentioned six scenarios that the idea to go for mobile Blackjack insurance will give you a higher probability to win more than to lose, but that is not the case if you think about it. The fact is that insurance bet and initial stake are independent of each other. So, there are basically two possibilities – you either lose or win the insurance bet. In case of winning, the dealer needs to have a Blackjack – so the 2nd card needs to be a picture card or a 10. And it is basic math that the possibility of that happening is 30% only. So, 70% of the time this scenario will not be there. When the probability to win is that low at all times, why go for it?

On the brighter side, there are also cases where going for insurance bet can be beneficial. One is that you know that there will be many tens coming up. But only go for this option when you are sure of the calculation you have done!

It will take loads of calculation and practice before you can be smooth at this elegant casino game Blackjack! Once you know you are at it, you can go for mobile Blackjack insurance and make the most of your gambling experience, only at Vegas Mobile Casino.

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