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Blog Posted on 19/02/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Multihand Blackjack – Tips, Tricks and Strategies!

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in casinos which come right after Roulette and Slots because it is a game which has a considerably low house edge, meaning things are more in your favour. While there are a lot of ways and variations in playing Blackjack, one of the most sought after skill is the ability to play Multihand Blackjack. More importantly, the skill that is actually looked up to is playing Multihand Blackjack and walking away from the table a rich man, because you can either make several 100 times your stake, or bleed chips and end up washing out faster than you began.

Keeping the above in mind, any decent Blackjack player who knows the ways of the Blackjack world can actually try to dabble with this kind of gaming, probably not for money in the first try itself. Given below are some pointers you can keep in mind while trying out this kind of game.

Multihand Blackjack - Tips, Tricks and Strategies!

Tips Useful in Multihand Blackjack

  • If you’re trying out Multihand Blackjack for the first time, then odds are that you are going to lose. So the best things to do is sit down with your friends and family and get a grip on this style before starting to do this on casinos for real money.
  • Taking things slow is a great advice you can follow. Start out soft with really low stakes per hand. Remember that this kind of game is after all a high risk method and make sure you have a decent buffer in your account in case things go south.
  • Though the style name says Multihand, it doesn’t mean you need to play 4 or 5 hands at a time unless you have a death wish. You will be surprised to know the possibilities of things going wrong or right scale exponentially and not proportionally when you play with just hands, leave alone more.

Tricks You Can Apply

  • The one sane thing to do is keep a close watch on both your hands and ensure that you are not going to lose with one hand more than you are going to win with the other.
  • One thing worth doing is to ensure that both your hands are complementing each other. This way even if one hand is losing out big time, the other hand makes up for it and you can stay neutral when the wins come.
  • Though it isn’t really healthy to do, you can raise stakes if you think that you have the perfect hand in one and a not so favourable one in the other. Since at the end you gain a lot more than you lose when this is the scenario, it can’t bring you a lot of harm.

Strategies to Keep You in the Game

  • The only sane way to get into Multihand Blackjack is to get your basics right. Basic strategies for a single hand also apply for multi-hand and this is because you are essentially just doing the work of two players, but you are also accounting for the loss or gain of 2 players. Make sure you have at least a 100 times your stake amount as a buffer to make sure there is not trouble.
  • Card counting is great way which has been time tested to help you out. While it is not permitted in Vegas casinos, though not illegal, if you are smooth enough you can get some amazing wins. But with 2 hands to take care of, things can get pretty challenging but fun for you.
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