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Blog Posted on 19/01/2021 | Author: Karen Macarthur

How Important is It to Fulfil the Online Casino Bonus Requirements in a Casino?

How Important is It to Fulfil the Online Casino Bonus Requirements in a Casino?

Besides being a way to make money, online casinos are a great source of entertainment too. This is the reason why online casinos have gained popularity in the past few years.  With this, came the concept of online casino bonuses, usually offered by the casinos to attract more customers as well as also for protecting them.

Let’s Take a Look at Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are the quickest way to lure customers to any online casino website. It’s vital for all the casinos to stand out in the ever-growing and competitive market. Therefore, leveraging some amount of money as a bonus not only attracts new customers but also prevents the casino businesses from facing any kind of scams/losses. 

Online casino bonuses are mostly in the form of an extra amount which is left in the customer’s account as soon as they sign up, i.e. make a new account and deposit some money. By depositing bonuses, the website earns its customer’s loyalty. We can even call it an amazing marketing strategy implemented by various online casinos out there. 

Do you ever wonder how many types of online cash bonuses live casinos offer?

A very common type of online casino bonuses is the number of free spins given on a certain amount of deposit made by the gambler on a specific game. This is a huge draw for slot players but isn’t so appealing for online Roulette or online Blackjack. However, the cash bonuses are more favourable as the money is added to your account and can be used for whichever game you choose.

Besides, the two common types of cash bonuses are dollar amount match as well as a percentage. Therefore, online casino bonuses are perfect for extending the bankroll of a gambler.

Sticky bonuses are another type of online casino bonuses which is an amount the casino offers to play with, but you cannot withdraw this amount along with your winning amount. The leftover sticky bonus is automatically subtracted from the amount you won while you cash out your money. 

Online Casino Bonus Requirements

Let’s understand the term – Bonus wager requirements

After understanding online casino bonuses and their most common versions, you must know what the bonus wager requirements are, and why it is important to fulfil these. Bonus wager requirements are for protecting the casino business and to make sure that the casinos get a chance to retrieve their money back.

If you are a newbie at gambling, you must thoroughly go through all the terms and conditions of a game you are planning to play. A lot of new players may tend to miss the wager requirements, which must be highly avoided. 

If the player fails to meet the wagering requirements, he/she may not be able to withdraw the money. Also, few online casino bonuses may also eliminate any wins until the wagering requirements have been met. 

The most common online wagering requirements

The most common form of online wagering requirement is the number of times you must play for a specific amount in order to release the cash. Usually, live casinos direct the gamblers to play a specific number of rounds on the bonus they offer, before they can withdraw the amount. This is called a playthrough requirement.

In simple words, it means if you receive $1500 as a bonus, you will be required to put $1500 into action, before you can actually retrieve it. However, it depends on the online casino, whether you are forced to use the bonus a specific number of times before you can cash out the amount.

And you are right if you think that by the time you reach your goal of using the bonus a number of times set by the website, your bonus amount will be almost exhausted. To explain this, casinos are not involved in the business of giving away their money. But certainly, you will get a chance to cash out the money while you keep playing along. 

Hence, it is always recommended to go through the terms and conditions before you start playing. By dividing the amount by the size of your bet, you will get an idea of how much you need to spend before you meet your wager requirement.

Why has wage requirements been introduced in the online casino business?

The main reason an online casino bonuses business puts wager requirements is to protect and maintain their business among hundreds of other live casinos. Online casino bonuses are an ideal way to get new players to make an account on a website. However, people get greedy when they see free money. And without these wager requirements, people would sign up, make a deposit, retrieve the money, and hardly play.  

These wager requirements can be easily handled by understanding them properly. If you have any confusion regarding any point mentioned in the terms and conditions, you can always reach their online customer support. 


Therefore, you must meet these wager requirements if you wish to extend your bankroll and play for a longer time. Live casinos have found an excellent way to lure in new customers, and online casino bonuses are here to stay. 

As far as the future of online casinos is concerned, the latest trends in the technology must be kept in mind in order to make online gambling possible in the future. And now gambling games are introduced even for smartphones and tablets as a mobile casino, and these prove more convenient and time-saving.

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