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Blog Posted on 13/02/2023 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Getting Started with Online Sports Betting: Here is How


People have wagered on sports for as long as sports games have been around. While some view sports betting as a way to showcase support to their favourite players and teams, others seek it to earn extra cash. Whatever the motive might be, one thing is clearer – betting on sports is entertaining.

For novice bettors, stepping into online sports betting may seem daunting. As such, we’ve prepared a beginner’s sports betting guide that’ll help you get started with betting on sports online.

How does online sports betting work?

A great thing about wagering on sports online is that it’s a straightforward process. It would help if you decided what sport you want to wager on as an online sports bettor. Then you must select your preferred sports bet type, choose how much you wish to wager, and place your bet. If you win, you’ll receive a payout as per the odds for your chosen sports bet type.

Here is a step-by-step guide to enjoying online betting on our platform:

  • First, you need to sign up for an account on our platform. Our sign-up process is straightforward, so you’ll have no trouble completing it.
  • Once done with registration and verification, the next step is to log into your account using your username and password.
  • Then you have to deposit funds using any of the available payment methods.
  • With a funded account, you’re all set to place your bets. Select the sport you wish to wager on and choose your preferred bet type.
  • Then enter the amount you wish to bet and confirm your wager.

And that’s it! Your sports bet will now be placed.

A look at common sports bet types

When betting on ice-hockey and other sports online, bettors have dozens of betting options. Here’s a look at some common types of sports bets:


– This is one of the best bets for novice sports bettors. Here, you have to wager on who you think will win the game.


– Totals are also referred to as over/under wagers. This sportsbet type allows you to bet on whether the points, runs, or goals scored will be above or below the sportsbook’s predefined number.


– Parlays bets combine multiple single wagers into one single bet. These bets offer significant potential payouts, but winning them is more difficult.


– As the name suggests, a future bet allows you to wager on an event yet to occur. Future bets are also known as outright wagers.

Other common bet types you’ll encounter as you bet on football and other sports are teasers, pleasers, if and reverse wagers, prop bets, and live bets.

A look at popular sports to bet on

You can virtually wager on any sport as an online sports bettor. Here’s a look at some mainstream sports and popular sporting events you can wager on:


– You’ll find a major football tournament now and then. Along with the FIFA World Cup, the NFL and the NCAA Division 1 are highly popular American football betting events to wager on.


– For bettors who enjoy online basketball betting, there’s the NBA and all major European basketball leagues. International basketball events that attract huge betting action are the Olympics and the FIBA World Cup.


– Top international cricket events for cricket betting are the World Cup, the T20 World Cup, and the ICC Championship Trophy. Besides, T20 leagues like the IPL and the CPL are highly popular among cricket bettors.


– In the case of rugby betting, bettors can choose to wager on the Rugby World Cup, The Rugby Championship, European Rugby Challenge Cup, and Heineken Champions Cup.

A quick word on how much to bet

Your sports betting stake amount will vary based on your betting style and the types of sports betting options you choose to wager on. But it’s always a good idea to bet only what you can afford to lose. As a beginner bettor, you might consider following a flat-betting approach.

The flat-betting approach recommends bettors go with the same wagering amount on every sport. Also, it states that one must not risk more than 5% of the total bankroll on every bet. So, if you’ve got a total bankroll of £100, your bet amount shouldn’t exceed £5. That way, you’ll safeguard against losing huge amounts in one go.

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