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Blog Posted on 05/06/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Play Roulette on Mobile

How to Play Roulette on Mobile

Roulette can be considered as the belle of the casino ball. Visually beautiful with its round spinning wheel that wields its hold over the players. With the transition of table games to the mobile platforms, the Mobile Roulette occupies the top spot. At the Vegas Mobile Casino the players will find the same level of excitement and energy as in the land or online casino version right in the palm of their hands.

Why to Play Mobile Roulette

A staple of any casino, the mobile roulette is probably the most played casino games. Working in its favour is its smooth interface and the rich, clean graphics that fills up the entire smaller screen of the mobile devices.

The mobile roulette available for play by the Vegas Mobile Casino offers the players a chance to enjoy the classic casino table games on their mobiles. Similar to the online versions, the mobile roulette can be played in both free and real money modes. Practice with the fun mode before moving on to the real mode.

Android, Blackberry, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices are compatible for playing the mobile roulette. The choice to play either the downloaded or the online version when on the move makes this a highly attractive option.

Variations of Mobile Roulette

At the Vegas Mobile Casino, there is healthy mix of all the variations of roulette such as the American, European or the French Roulette. Though similar in the betting aspects, the main difference is in the wheel and the table layouts.

In the European and the French Roulette version, the roulette wheel has 37 slots including 0 and 1-36. The house advantage is at 2.7% meaning for every 100 invested, the house gets a 2.7 profit.

In the American roulette version, the wheel has 38 slots including 0, 00 and 1-36. The house advantage is at 5.26% meaning for every 100 invested, the house gets a 5.26 profit.

Mobile Roulette Gameplay

The aim of the mobile roulette is to predict where the ball will land after a spin. A game of luck, it can be played anytime to experience the same thrill as in an online or land based version.

To begin play, the players must place their bets on any of the numbers inside or on the outside of the table layout. Once the bets are placed, press spin to launch the ball. After the ball has landed on the slots, the winning number is highlighted on the screen and the associated payout is given out.

Mobile Roulette Payouts

Depending on the mobile roulette version that the player is playing, the following payouts are possible. The only variation is the Five Number Bet which is only applicable for the American mobile roulette.

Inside bets: Place your bets on a single number or any of the six possible grouping as below

  • Straight Bet – 35:1 payout (Bet on one number)
  • Split Bet- 17:1 payout (Bet on adjacent numbers,)
  • Street Bet – 11:1 payout (Bet on 3 numbers in a row)
  • Corner Bet – 8:1 payout (Bet on a block of 4 numbers)
  • Five Number Bet –6:1 payout (Bet on 5 numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3)
  • Line Bet – 5:1 payout (Bet on 6 numbers of 2 adjacent rows)

Outside bets: Place your bet on any of the blocks outside the grid.

  • Column Bet –2:1 payout (Bet on 1 of the 3 columns,)
  • Dozen Bet – 2:1 payout (Bet on 12 numbers of middle, high or low block)
  • Even Money Bet –1:1 payout (Bet on 18 numbers (even, odd, black or red)

The ‘En Prison’ rule is a special case when the ball lands in the ‘0’ slot for outside even-money bets. The player can take back half of the bet or leave it for the next wheel spin. If again the ball lands on ‘0’ the entire bet is lost.

The ‘La Partage’ rule is similar to the ‘En Prison’ rule except that the player loses only half the bet and cannot leave it for the next roulette spin. Essentially it cut the odds by half. This is applied only for the even-money bets, when the ball lands on ‘0’.

Mobile Roulette Tips

Purely a game of chance and luck, the mobile roulette has no special strategy that wins for the player. No amount of research will work out here. So just enjoy the game for its fun factor and the potential to land a winning bet.

  • Opt for the European or the French mobile roulette as there is a slightly better odd of landing your number with the odds at 1:37 per spin.
  • Make multiple bets for each roulette spin to increase the winning chances. Make both inside and outside bets to have steady winnings and the occasional huge jackpot.
  • Always bet within your limits. Play responsibly to enjoy a stress free experience while on the move.
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