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Blog Posted on 21/05/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Role Of Split Bet In Roulette

In internet casinos of the period, online Roulette has a large and devoted following, due to its easy gameplay rules and potential for rather sizable wins. As of 2019, just about every reputable and top-class online casino offers online Roulette games to their clientele, boasting a large array of bet types that are in tune to player tastes. One of the more exciting online Roulette bet types around has to be the split bet. This type of bet boosts the probability of a payout by combining odds and evens, as well as numbers and colours.

Read on for more information on online Roulette split bet.

The Role Of Split Bet In Roulette

A Split Bet Is A Righteous Marvel!

In online Roulette, a standard split bet involves players wagering on a couple of numbers by simply placing their chip on a line that intersects them. This type of bet is called an ‘Inside Bet”, precisely because the intersecting lines are located on the inside part of the Roulette table.

Split Bets Magnify The Fun And Thrills. Here Is How

Split bets possess identical house edges as other online Roulette bets. This works out at 5.26% for the American Roulette version with its double zero and 2.70% for the European Roulette version with its single zero. While having the same house edge as other bet types, split bets pay out at 17:1, which is much more than most other bets.

These bets can also be made vertically or horizontally across 2 numbers.

2 Number Betting

In online Roulette, wagering on 2 numbers comes with its own risks and rewards. Since the chip used for the wager lies at the intersection of 2 numbers, the chances of winning are 2/38 for American Roulette and 2/37 for European Roulette. Winning odds are 5.26% for American Roulette and 5.41% for the European version.

Feed The Betting Spirit

Apart from split bets, online Roulette supports additional number betting like the following:

  • Street – This refers to a single bet that is made on no less than 3 numbers. This pays off at 11:1 and is made by placing the chips to the left of the left column.
  • Corner – This pays 8:1 and is accomplished by placing chips at the corner where a quartet of numbers intersect.
  • Five Number –This is exclusively available to American Roulette and is widely considered to be the worst possible bet. For this bet, a payout is made when the ball lands on the 00, 0, 1, 2 or 3 pockets. The Five-Number bet offers a tempting payout of 6:1, though the house edge on such bets is boosted to 7:89.
  • Six Line – This pays 5:1 and is available for the following numbers: 1-6, 4-9, 7-12, etc.

Splitting one’s best during online Roulette gameplay is recommended to boost the odds of wins and minimise the influence of the house edge. By betting on multiple numbers, players face more chances of collecting a payout than they would by betting on a single number.

However, betting on multiple numbers also translates to reduced payout. Thus, the risks and potential rewards of split betting should be carefully considered before engaging in it.

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