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Blog Posted on 27/06/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top Strategies for Blackjack Variants at Vegas Mobile Casino

Blackjack or twenty-one is the most extensively played game at casinos worldwide. It is a game played with one to eight decks where players compete against the dealer. Online casinos are an exciting platform for Blackjack players. A number of online Blackjack variants with twists in the standard rules and additional features are available.

How to Play Online Blackjack Variants?

Blackjack requires skill which improves with practice. Whereas, the casino evidently has an edge over the player in every game, however, this edge is the least in Blackjack games. Once the player assimilates the basic Blackjack rules, he needs to learn ways to reduce this edge even further and to enhance the chances of winning. There are strategies such as card counting, which can improve the chances of the player over those of the dealer but they might be illegal in some casinos or looked down upon. A basic strategy, common to all online Blackjack variants suggests the best possible move according to the player’s and dealer’s cards and helps to win as much as possible without breaching casino policies.

online blackjack variants

The basic strategy has been laid out using calculations based on statistics and probabilities. If followed properly, the return-to-player percentage goes as high as 99.63%. Some of the rules are fairly simple such as always hit (or double-down) when the hand is below 11. The player in this game has more choices than the dealer.

  • Split: It allows the player to split pair cards while doubling the bet. The stakes of winning and losing are increased. As a rule, aces and eights should always be split.
  • Double down: The bet is doubled and only one extra card can be received. A hand of 10 or 11(not an ace) should be doubled down. 9 should be doubled down when the dealer has anything between 3 and 6.
  • Insurance: The player can protect his hand against the possible outcome that the dealer has a blackjack when he shows an ace. It is preferred not to take insurance in any case.

The same strategy, with some alterations, is applicable to the various online Blackjack variants on the Vegas mobile casino.

Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack uses 4 decks and does not allow side bets. The player can opt to play along with other players. The basic strategy is completely applicable here.

Spanish Blackjack

This game is played using 8 48-card Spanish decks, sans the four tens. Doubling is allowed on any 3rd card and also after a split. Splitting is allowed only once and all 10s can be split. Several other bonuses are given without the need to make side bets. A variation in strategy is required keeping the above-stated changes in mind.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack uses the same basic strategy. Just that it is much fun to play in presence of a live dealer. Playing by using top tips on live Blackjack online enhances your chances of winning big.

Vegas Strip Gold Series

It uses four 52-card decks. The cards are randomly shuffled after each round. Splitting of cards of same face value is allowed. The basic strategy is fairly suitable for this game.

All of the above online Blackjack variants are different, innovative and exciting options. One should stick to the basic strategy, considering the variations in each game, in order to get profitable results.

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