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Blog Posted on 22/04/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Surrender, Take Insurance or Double Down in Blackjack? A Guide to Playing Blackjack Online!

If you are new to Blackjack you may get confused with Blackjack decisions and may lose a good game.  So get it right before you kick start.

The Most Essential Blackjack Decisions a Player Can Make are as follows:

  • Surrendering
  • Taking insurance
  • Splitting
  • Doubling down

Making a right decision can turn your defeat into a win. Even the masters of Blackjack tend to make mistakes while picking the right decision. So, it is important to know the tact well before taking a plunge.


Surrender is an essential Blackjack decision. Suppose you don’t have good cards and you don’t want to invest any extra penny, you can surrender and take half of your invested credits back. The traditional surrender decision is not available in maximum online casinos. The online casinos now offer you Blackjack surrender feature to prevent a big loss.

As a player, you can surrender when the dealer has 10 or A as its up-card. It is a good choice, but surrendering every time is not good for potential wins in online Blackjack. So use this decision wisely.

Taking Insurance:

It is another important Blackjack decision that prevents you from losing a large amount in online Blackjack game. You can apply for insurance during the game when dealer holds Ace as up-card. As a player, you place a side-bet that must be half of your first bet. Suppose, the dealer wins running round, you win the side bet and avoid a big loss.

Experts say that you should never take insurance. Many also call it sucker bet because this decision doesn’t benefit you logically. The logic is that dealer cannot farm the Blackjack because it has “Ace” as up-card. So, there is no need to take insurance. But not everybody shares this opinion.In case, you are left with taking insurance option, you should know how mobile Blackjack insurance works?


It simply means splitting first two cards to create two different hands. You can use this decision only when you get first two cards from a pair. Once you choose this decision, you need to place a new bet that should be equal to the starting bet. You can use this option, but there is no certainty that you will get better hands for the next bet. So, use splitting intelligently.

Doubling Down:

Doubling Down is also one of the most widely used Blackjack decisions that allow you to get a new card when first two cards are dealt. The condition is, you cannot use this feature if you have already used any of above mentioned Blackjack decisions. You need to bet equally to the initial bet when you use doubling down decision.

You must use this decision if you have first two cards of 10 or 11 and the dealer has a lower value card. Your chances of farming Blackjack increases, when you follow the strategy of using Doubling down decision.

Now that you know what the Blackjack decisions are, taking those decisions wisely and at the right time is the key

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