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Blog Posted on 04/06/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Different Facets of Roulette Wheel Numbers

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games that has been enjoyed over the decades. It has been into existence for a past few centuries as well! The game that merely looked like a few Roulette Wheel numbers has now transformed a lot over time. This is attributed to the fact that different cultures have added their own flavours to the game. Despite all of this, the heart of the game remains the same.

Different types of bets on the Roulette wheel were integrated with this game of ‘chances’. These bets have always been considered as an essential component of the game since the strategies are to be based on them. So, what was the inspiration behind coming up with the idea of involving Roulette Wheel numbers? Here are some possible explanations.

The Different Facets of Roulette Wheel Numbers

Roulette Wheel Numbers Were Attributed To The Devil Himself

If most players haven’t really noticed it yet, the sum of all the Roulette wheel numbers add up to ‘666’. Coincidence? Maybe not. There have been many stories and mysteries behind the reason as to why the numbers add up to a perfect 666. Stories may range from superstitions like the monk who went insane when finding a cheat to the game and involving the Devil himself to aid him. There have been other real-life instances where people have claimed that the Devil was involved in the game of Roulette and thus, the association of the game with evil.

Who Really Designed Roulette Wheel Numbers?

The game has always been the brainchild of the famous French Mathematician, Blaise Pascal. It is believed that the 16thcentury mathematician came up with the idea of this game and the Roulette wheel of numbers when creating and designing a perpetual motion machine. However, there have been rumours about another famous magician who pre-dated Pascal by another 200 years and is known to be influential in bringing Roulette to the limelight.

Since after Germany banned gambling practices, Monte Carlo became the Mecca for all gamblers and casino players. Francois Blanc (Magician of Homburg) had become an epitome to the casino gaming industry. He played an influential role in making Roulette an intriguing game amongst gamblers of the era then. It is believed that Blanc made a pact with the Devil and designed the game which involved a single zero.

Could the Fact Affect Roulette Games Offer in Vegas Mobile Casino?

Not really! Games such as European Roulette and Premier Roulette have always been designed to keep the interests of the players in mind. And not based on any superstitious beliefs! Be it a Roman soldier, a monk, a mathematician or even a magician, Roulette offered at Vegas Mobile Casino still remains to be the best in the market. The multiple variants available with varying bet limits ensure that players experience nothing but quality time at the casino site.

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