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Blog Posted on 12/08/2021 | Author: Karen Macarthur

A Top List of Awesome Casino Vacation Spots To Discover


A casino trip should be fun. You don’t want to deal with headaches like losing your bankroll or booking a poor hotel and not knowing where to eat. Research is key to having a good time. Where do you begin?

Continue reading to learn all about planning a casino vacation that isn’t so bad. How to budget for your bankroll, other expenses, booking a hotel, researching casino odds, as well as where to eat.

Find out how many nights you’ll be staying.

Before you decide how much you want to spend on a hotel room, choose how many nights. Your individual preferences will determine the number. These are the factors that will determine how long you stay.

  • How much of your budget are you willing to spend on a hotel room?
  • What do you value in extending your trip?
  • After three to four nights, your excitement level will drop significantly.
  • Side entertainment is available at the destination.

Determine how much money you can spend on a casino vacation

First, determine how much of your disposable income you have to put towards the trip. You’ll then need to split this money into a gambling bankroll and hotel expenses.

You will need to come up with a total amount for the trip before you can get started. This is where you determine how much income you have and how much you are willing to part with.

You probably won’t want to spend $5,000 of your savings on a casino vacation. However, if you don’t have $5,000, you can put $2,000 to $3,000 into your trip.

Next, you need to decide what areas of your life will require money. You can think of bankrolls, hotel rooms, dining, transportation, and shopping as examples.

This is a detailed example of what you can do:

  • You have $2,000
  • You deposit $500 to a bankroll
  • 500 USD towards a hotel stay
  • $250 for dining
  • $250 for airfare and travel
  • $200 for entertainment
  • $200 towards shopping
  • $100 towards tips

You may have a longer list of expenses. However, this example illustrates how to budget quickly for your trip in many areas.


Find out which casinos offer good odds

Some casinos offer better odds than others. This is a significant factor in any casino vacation as it can affect your chances of winning.

Compare the odds of winning at Vegas Strip casinos with those in Downtown or Boulder Strip. Table games at big resorts such as Mandalay Bay or the MGM Grand are not offered with very high odds. Their blackjack tables, for example, have a house edge of almost 2%.

You can still find blackjack tables at Arizona Charlie’s Boulder or El Cortez, with a house edge below 0.4%. Blackjack is one example. Many other casino games have a very different house edge. If you want to find the lowest house edge, you will need to spend between 30-60 minutes researching the odds.

Locate a Hotel

You will need a hotel room if you are going on an overnight trip to a casino. Online bookings are the best way to book hotels.

There are some of the most popular online sources for booking a hotel room. They also allow you to package a flight or rental car, if necessary. This is an example of how these sites can be used for casino vacations.

  • If you don’t have an account, create one
  • Select your destination and choose the date
  • Choose your hotel by using the available features
  • Choose your airport and other options to pick your flight
  • Look for package deals to save even more.
  • Use your credit card to pay

There are some great resources for finding hotel rooms, but you might need more research to locate the right hotel for a casino vacation.

You should also research reviews and features of any potential places. It is also essential to determine what amenities, room quality, price, and other requirements you have for a hotel.

Let’s suppose you are looking for luxury hotels in Las Vegas. It cost $1,000 per night. They have 2-3 bedrooms, a large lounge area, and a pool table. You also get appetizers on the 29th.

Let’s suppose you are looking for a hotel that is affordable and not too expensive. Many hotels offer an excellent option for $160 per night. It has a spacious, modern feel and a lounge area with floor-to-ceiling windows.

These are just some examples. Of course, your tastes and expectations about price may be different. The key to finding exactly what you want is to go to hotel websites and read reviews before making any bookings for a casino vacation.

Do not party too hard

Your casino vacation will be more enjoyable if you drink at the correct times. Partying too much can lead to financial ruin. There are some downsides to drinking too much:

  • Gambling can lead to poor decisions
  • A hangover is what you’ll experience
  • Nightclubs can be expensive, and you might end up spending too much.
  • Some of the memories from your trip will be lost forever.

It would be best if you still enjoyed a drink at the casino tables. But don’t let your bankroll and budget get too excited.


You must prepare in advance to ensure that your casino vacation is a success. Your trip will run more smoothly if you plan everything ahead of time. This includes determining your budget, gambling situation, hotel situation, transportation, and dining.

Even the most well-planned casino vacation can go wrong. You must be ready to adjust to any situation. But, you’ll still have a great time if you plan your casino trip.

Eventually, if you are here, then you have completed the entire article. Hope this casino vacation guide was helpful for you.

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