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Blog Posted on 08/07/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top 5 Mobile Slots of July 2016!

How can the month of peak summers be complete without the launch of some quirky slots? While you may like to stick to your favourites, but it’s time for a change! These new top mobile slots at Vegas Mobile Casino are something you cannot afford to miss!

Summers of Top Mobile Slots of July!

Here are the five top mobile slots of this month that you can play now!

    1. 1. Euro Golden Cup

The Euro Cup 2016 might be coming to an end, but the football fever never comes down! This slot by Genesis Gaming is just what you need to spice up the football excitement. Whether or not your team made it to the top teams this year, this slot is here for you! The looks of this slot will impress you in the first look with football jerseys taking up the screen. This slot will be your own little Euro Cup! Play it right and keep an eye on the interesting features.

    1. 2. Machine Gun Unicorn

This slot has a little ironic image. Unicorns are very peaceful and happy animals in our imagination, but this slot has some other plans. Machine Gun Unicorn unfolds the story of a brave unicorn who takes the Ponyland by storm when he alone gets ready to face the hungry zombies who are ready to take over Ponyland. Will he succeed? Only if you help him! A perfect amalgamation of an interesting storyline and amazing gameplay, this slot is just what you need for a full-on entertaining experience.

    1. 3. Robyn

No, there is no spelling mistake here! Robyn is a slot inspired by the good deeds of Robin Hood but has a welcomed twist in its storyline. Here, the protagonist is a brazen girl who is on a mission to save the village from the evil Jester! The graphics are amazing in this slot, and along with a great storyline, comes a great 243 paylines to win. Target feature is to watch out for which makes it one of the top mobile slots game.

new mobile slots - July 2016

    1. 4. Clash of Queens

This is definitely not a catfight you have been waiting for, but this is a war you must be a part of! The flawless beauty of the fierce queens will take you by surprise as and when the slot loads. But there is more to this slot than just a war. This slot has some impressive graphics in it, and it comes alive even more with the bonus features. Wait and watch as the battle feature unfolds!

    1. 5. Gods of Giza

Everyone will make an honest mistake of taking this top mobile slots game to be just another Egyptian-themed slot. And there is no one to blame! There are way too many slots on the same theme, but this one stands to differ with its plot. There are many mythical creatures here in this slot that you will enjoy watching on the reels. The square reels will give you something different to look at, and this avatar is backed by stunning visuals and features that you should definitely try out.

With these top mobile slots now on the list, there is all the more reason to start spinning some reels now!

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