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Blog Posted on 07/02/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Try Your Luck with Our New Online Blackjack Games

When it comes to casino games, Blackjack is the one that comes to everyone’s mind first. And why shouldn’t it? It is ultimately the best casino game! But at times a regular game of Blackjack also becomes monotonous. If that is an issue with you too, then you are at the right place! Vegas Mobile Casino brings to you four new online Blackjack games, which are basically the variation of the same online Blackjack game that you have been playing, but only better!

Explore the New Online Blackjack games and Have A Better Gambling Experience!

The four new online Blackjack games are – Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Multihand, Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Singlehand, Blackjack Atlantic City Multihand, and Blackjack Atlantic City Singlehand.

Try Your Luck with Our New Online Blackjack Games

Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Multihand

The rules here are the same as the European Blackjack; with the only difference being that it is a Multihand game. Here, the players can play with up to 3 hands at one time. The advantage of this version of the game is also that you can bet with different amounts on each hand.

Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Singlehand

As the name suggests, this new online Blackjack game allows players only to play with a singlehand. The only difference here is that this version of Blackjack allows the dealer to have a look at his card that has its face down for a Blackjack.

Blackjack Atlantic City Multihand

This version of Blackjack brings an interesting twist in the game. This new online Blackjack game is played with eight decks of cards. There is also a Late Surrender feature which gives this variation of the game a better hand. The objective remains the same, get a total of 21 or a better ranking than the dealer. Since it is a Multihand game, players can play and bet with more than one hand and up to five hands. The bets can differ from each other as per the player’s wish.

Blackjack Atlantic City Singlehand

The gameplay of singlehand is almost similar to the Multihand version of this game. Blackjack Atlantic City Singlehand too has 8 decks of cards and a Later Surrender feature. The Late surrender feature is only valid until the time you decide to pick a third card, split, or double. Once you do any of the mentioned actions, this feature is no more active.

Trying these is a Good Idea!

If you love Blackjack, then trying out these new online Blackjack games is definitely a good idea. Go ahead and try your luck, and you sure will not regret!

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