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Blog Posted on 28/05/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

What does ‘Hit or Stand’ Imply In The Game Of Blackjack?

The game of Blackjack pitches you in a battle of wits against a dealer. The objective if you choose to accept, is to have a hand (comprising of at least two cards) that has a combined value that is greater than the hand of the dealer. However, your hand should not be more than “21”. If your hand is “21” on the dot, then, it means you have achieved a payout ratio of 3:2. In a game of Blackjack, you have to make certain decisions like when to hit or stand.

This article offers you a glimpse of these two decisive options that you need to make when you play Blackjack.

What does ‘Hit or Stand’ Imply In The Game Of Blackjack?

To Hit Or Stand?

Hitting in Blackjack implies that you want the dealer to deal you another card. You can use the hit strategy when you are not satisfied with the hand you are dealt with. For example, if you are dealt a hand of two cards with one being a face card like an Ace and the other being a “3”. Note that your Ace can either be “1” or “11”.

If you choose your Ace to be “11”, it means your total combined card count is “14”. If you hit and you are dealt another card like a “7”, then, you would have just landed a Blackjack of “21” and at this point, you will emerge the winner of the round. The option to hit or stand is entirely up to you as the player and should be used wisely or simply on instinct.

Stand When Confident

In a game of Blackjack, a player will decide to hit or stand depending on the circumstance of their hand. Where a player has a hand with a value of say “20”, he should feel confident enough to stand by what he has and not be hit with another card.

To ‘stand’ basically means to be sure that your hand is strong enough to beat the dealer’s hand. With a combined value of “20”, you should feel pretty confident that your hand will prevail against that of the dealer. So, in this instance, you decide to stand. At this point, the dealer’s hand is revealed and if your hand is stronger, you will come out victorious.

When To Hit Or Stand?

If you have a hand of at least “17”, the best strategy for you would be to stand. This decision is applicable even if the dealer possesses a face card (King, Queen or Jack worth a value of 10) or Ace (worth a value of 11). To hit or stand is a decision that can be hinged on you virtually playing the odds.

Say, for instance, if you have a hand of “11”, the odds are stacked against you, so you may decide to hit in order to improve the odds in your favour. The same is true when you have a hand of “20” when the odds are in your favour, in this case, you must choose to stand rather than hit. This is because you are well aware that the dealer’s chances of having a hand greater than “20” are really remote and only a Blackjack (a hand with a value of 21) will beat your hand at this point.

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