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Blog Posted on 12/01/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Mobile Roulette – Tips, Tricks and Strategies!

Mobile Roulette playing has been considered as one of the most entertaining and fruitful ways to get rich in really short time. In fact some people of the gaming world consider gambling to be a short term investment that can give high returns, almost like a stock market! But the truth is that gambling is dependent entirely upon one factor, and that factor is uncontrolled. You cannot have a lucky day today just because you want a lucky day today. Luck is uncontrolled and so are the outcomes you expect from it. So to answer the question can Roulette and other gambling games be counted on to give you high returns, the answer is obviously no.

Saying that, there is another dimension to gambling called as responsible gambling and it works for all gambling games including Mobile Roulette. You can even consider it as a disaster management or disaster prevention technique to make sure that you don’t end up being a washout. Yes you need luck to win big and become the next millionaire, but you don’t need it to stay above the water and even make consistent marginal gains out of each game. The one universal tip, trick and strategy for gambling is “Take it slow! Just like a gazillion drops make an ocean, you can be a millionaire for sure if you play it one buck at a time.”

Tips for Mobile Roulette

Gambling games are random in nature no matter how many times you play it. But chaos theory states that no matter how random a sequence is, a time will come when there will be one pattern repeated and it is at this time that you can cash in. If all that was over your head, then just understand that even though gambling games can be random, there are some sure shot patterns the game must follow, and you can take advantage of this.

Some simple tips to keep in mind while playing Mobile Roulette are:

  • Build experience! No one is born a roulette master. Play those free games and figure out the game for yourself before playing for actual money.

  • Bet on outside chances like odd/even, high/low or black/red if you want assured marginal wins and no risks.

  • You are not competing with the casino! Do not get carried away if you are getting good wins. All it takes is one wrong turn to lose everything so make sure that you focus only on the profit making.

  • Play on reputed casinos which publish their house gain. This way you have ready information on what you can expect.

  • Try to bet on the outside tables’ one as often as you can because it’s the safest way to go forward.

Tricks for Mobile Roulette

Now that you know how to play safe, you can learn how to play safe for a win.

  • Never play more than 30 minutes at a time because the game is programmed to get harder the deeper you go in. The first 15-20 minutes is the ideal time to look for wins.

  • Look for patterns if you have been playing the table for a while. Remember chaos theory? A pattern will appear and you can cash in huge if you figure it out.

  • Betting on colours and numbers have good probabilities to winning. You have a 50% chance here and those are some really good odds which will help you win after a few trials.

  • Do not forget the zero. If you are playing on numbers bet on the zero once in awhile. The game is programmed to offset numbers with 0 once in awhile.

Strategy for Mobile Roulette

As far as strategy goes there is just one time tested strategy. Keep a calm head and buy a stack of chips that you are ready to lose. Figure out the roulette table and look for patterns. Bet on something you are confident about rather than something you don’t know at all while playing with money. Look for patterns. It might seem as though the machine is random but it never is. Follow the above tips and tricks and remember to gamble responsibly. If you have had a good run, it is wise to stop and save rather than throw everything back on the table again. Remember, if you are a penny richer, you still are a winner.

Play European Roulette or Play American Roulette, these above tips, tricks and strategies is a great guide to follow for huge wins.

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