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Blog Posted on 30/03/2023 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Getting Started With Roulette Tournaments: Here is How


Casino Tournaments are an exciting and interesting way to enjoy casino gambling. These days, casino gaming venues offer tournaments across various casino titles. and Roulette is also one of them.

For beginners, we’ve created a Roulette tournaments guide that covers everything you need to know about these competitions. We touch down on the working of Roulette tournaments and explain the advantages and disadvantages of playing them. Read on!

How do Roulette tournaments work?

Both brick-and-mortar casinos and online gambling venues offer roulette tournaments. Regarding land-based casinos, operators may inform players about their upcoming tournaments via email or physical promotional newsletters.

As for online casinos, you usually check out their ‘Promotions’ to see what competitions are going on for that day or week. Online Roulette tournaments typically require participants to pay an entry fee. Thankfully, the tournament buy-in amount at our new mobile casino and other top online gambling venues is something that all players can afford.

After paying the buy-in amount and entering the competition, players are given a chip stack. You then wager your chips over several rounds or spins. Below we’ve detailed what a Roulette tournament might look like:

  • No buy-in is required.
  • A maximum of 40 players – spread across 5 tables.
  • The top two players from each table get promoted to the final round.
  • Every gameplay round features 10 free spins.
  • 1st prize £500. 2nd prize £200. 3rd prize £100
  • All players start with a chip stack of 100 chips
  • Players need to wager at least 10 chips on every spin.

This example is one of the many ways a Roulette tournament might work out. Some Roulette tournaments may go on for multiple rounds, while others may take just a single round to complete. Also, tournaments require players to wager in turn instead of betting all at once, like standard tables. Furthermore, the first player to act changes after every gameplay round.

Advantages of Roulette tournaments

Along with being highly exciting, playing Roulette tournaments has numerous benefits. Below we’ve mentioned some of them:

No casino advantage

When playing standard land-based and online Roulette games, players compete against the house. And gambling venues have a built-in house advantage for their games to cover operational costs and generate revenue.

Below are the casino advantages for different Roulette variations:

But players don’t need to worry about the house edge when playing Roulette tournaments. This is because when playing in Roulette tournaments, players compete against their opponents instead of the house.

An interesting take on standard Roulette

Roulette is undoubtedly a highly exciting casino classic. But sometimes, you should try something different than the traditional version of Roulette history.

The tournament format is an interesting take on standard Roulette. You get to compete against other opponents and have the chance to advance through multiple levels. And the best thing is that you’ll still be playing the same exciting Roulette game where you predict Roulette numbers the ball will land on.

Lucrative prizes on offer

As mentioned earlier, most Roulette tournaments don’t have a huge buy-in amount. You can participate in these competitions for £1 and £10.

But the prize pool for these competitions can be much higher than the required buy-in. For example, you might pay £5 to enter a tournament whose top prize is £3,000. And unlike when you play free Roulette, you can grab this significant Roulette prize amount if you get lucky.

Cons of Roulette tournaments

As with the competitions for other casino games, there are some downsides to playing Roulette tournaments. Here are some of them:

You need to understand tournament rules.

Players content with standard online and mobile Roulette games may not want to go with Roulette competitions. This is because you’ll need to understand the working of these competitions beforehand.

Sure, Roulette competitions don’t feature highly complicated rules. But you do need to know several aspects of Roulette competitions. They include maximum and minimum wagers, the length of the gameplay round, the number of gameplay rounds and so on.

Buy-in can be costly sometimes.

We mentioned earlier that many Roulette competitions don’t require a huge buy-in amount. But sometimes, the buy-in amounts can be substantially high.

This is especially true for Roulette competitions that have top prizes worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. For example, players may need to spend £500 to participate in a Roulette competition whose top prize is £50,000. And these huge wagering amounts may not suit the betting preferences of every player.

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