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Roulette Master

Roulette Master
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Who doesn’t have a penchant for the game full of opportunities? Roulette is considered as one of the most iconic games of all the casino slot games. This is the same game where you look forward to seeing businessmen, models as well as various political elites. One of the most basic games of all the times, Roulette still manages to maintain its popularity among the all the casino games players.

Roulette Master is one of the most amazing table casino games that have been developed by the giant, Microgaming. This game is likely to give you a wholesome sophisticated Roulette experience. It is all about a beautiful polished wood as well as some laid back casino sounds. The traditional game of Roulette is what you get to experience at Roulette Master.

How to Play Roulette Master?

In order to play the amazing game of Roulette Master, you are first of all required to select the size of your chip from the given selection present below the betting table. After you are done with the selection process, you are required to click on your selected bet. There are some options in the table game that entertain some minimum amounts of bet such as the minimum amount for a black/red, odds/evens in the game is one chip. (1 euro).

After this, you are required to click on the big ‘Play’ arrow. You can also make the use of Auto play counter that is present on the very right-hand side that will fetch you up to 999 spins in a row. You shall, however, keep in mind that at up to 20 seconds per spin, 999 spins would keep you tied up for a period of almost 6 hours.

There are various statistics that have been made available. You get them by clicking on the various options given on the right side. The history of charts, as well as spin details, gives you numbers that are merely a record of what has happened. They do not hold any relevance or effect on the spins that are coming up.


Once you start loading Roulette Master, you will encounter that this game is nothing but a version of the European Roulette, for the simple fact that this game has only one green zero. This refers that the odds in the game are as it is less heavily stacked against you than if you were playing the American Roulette with its value of zero as well as double zero. In terms of its looks, it is very realistic and you can almost view your reflection in the beautiful polished wood which keeps revolving while you play the game.

Below the wheel lies the betting table that contains all the basic options of Roulette betting. You can also invite more complex options in the game by clicking on the little star button which is present on the top right-hand side for the racetrack bets, red/black spins and others.


Roulette Master is one good-looking as well as an enjoyable version of the traditional Roulette game which is very easy to play. This game entertains you like the real Roulette.

Game Details

Paylines and Reels: n/a

Game Provider:Microgaming

Jackpot: 35/1

Coin Size:

Autoplay: Yes

Author Info

Author: Karen Macarthur

Posted On: 02/12/2015

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